It’s a case of ‘Gladys all over’ for one Chichester bowls team

Chichester and East Preston line up before their Priory Park friendly
Chichester and East Preston line up before their Priory Park friendly

There’s action from Chichester, Witterings, Bognor, Southbourne, Petworth, Middleton, Crablands, Telepost, Midhurst and West Dean in our latest local bowls round-up.


Both Chichester ladies’ teams were in action in the first round of the Gladys Rowland competition.

One team – Bridget Collins, Steph Baverstock, Sue Miles and Wendy Adams – travelled to Popes Mead, where they had a very close game but lost on the last end by just two shots, 21-19.

The other team – Chris Hobbs, Pam Rampton, Betty Spicer and April Janman – had an equally-close game at home to Aldingbourne, winning 23-20.

Chichester 87 Bognor 58

Chichester ladies are through to the third round of the Sussex Top Club after winning at home to Bognor. The overall score does not reflect the battle Bognor put up in three of the four disciplines.

Scores: Singles: Wendy Adams won 21-19; Pairs: Chris Hobbs & Betty Spicer won 38-7; Triples: Jean Hole, Steph Baverstock & Sue Miles lost 16-12; Fours: Rosemary Manning, Margaret Schofield, Bridget Collins & April Janman drew 16-16.

Chichester B 80 Maltravers 69

After 16 ends of their Littlehampton Gazette League division-three match at home to Maltravers, Chichester B were 19 shots ahead. A late fightback by Maltravers reduced the deficit but Chichester held on to win by 11 shots and secure six points.

Scores: A Daines, R Anscombe, P Doust, C Wade (skip) won 24-16; T Jennings, B Money, L Shipp, S Meyer (skip) lost 20-15; J Williams, G Beagley, T Hardgrove, M Hannant (skip) lost 25-11; J Walters, P Merritt, T Wiseman, S Tooley (skip) won 30-8.

Chichester A 86 Tarring Priory 62

Chichester A were ahead from the start of their home first-division Littlehampton Gazette League match against Tarring Priory A, and with wins on two rinks and an overall victory by 24 shots they collected six points.

Scores: T Hardgrove, B Talmage, C Keedwell, T Sayers (skip) lost 24-15; G Buckle, I Linfield, M Bayfield, D Schofield (skip) lost 21-18; P Whale, S Meyer, P White, K Burt (skip) won 23-10; N Anderson, M Bowden, D Leach, M Bonnar (skip) won 30-7.


On a lovely summer’s evening, with Priory Park looking its best, to the background sounds of cricket, football and the shouts of children on the mound, Chichester BC entertained East Preston in a six-rink friendly.

East Preston were captained by Gordon Leaman, who was a member of Chichester for 17 years. It was a mixed friendly and Chichester won 142-101 before the teams enjoyed a ploughman’s supper.


Witterings & District Bowls Club were saddened by the death of Jean Edwards, a long-standing and much-loved lady member.

She was well-known around bowls circles and she had many successes in club competitions. Jean was very involved in the Sussex Royal British Legion bowls set-up, achieving many awards with her husband Jim Slogrove.

The club secretary said: “Jean was social secretary at the Witterings for more than ten years and her excellent catering and hospitality skills are well acclaimed. She was a very keen tennis player at Crablands Tennis Club.

“Jean loved singing and was a valued member of the Penny Black Choir. She had green fingers and her spring and summer gardens were beautiful.

“She was an all-round smashing lady, caring, loyal, understanding, generous, kind and loving. We will remember Jean for her wonderful smile and will hold her in our hearts.”

Wittering 46 Haslemere 41

Scores: J Clapton, D Leach, C Tuffin won 20-13; L Thomas, J Mulligan, B Newman won 15-12; K Slogrove, R Hanbury, M Mulligan lost 16-11.

Wittering 40 Petworth 79

Scores: H Mason, T Nixon, J Derkatsch lost 24-10; A Miles, C Jelf, R Hanbury lost 19-9; G Mason, L Swift, M Mulligan won 12-10; L Thomas, P Lillywhite, G Morgan lost 26-9.

Wittering 64 Pagham 81

The first LG League match of the season saw Wittering win on two rinks and lose on two, gaining four points.

Pagham took the overall win and six points.

Scores: T Nixon, G Murphy, J Langworthy, R Stephens beat T Plows, B Smith, P Mayoss, M English 17-16; F Bray, D Clapton, S Hooker, L Bangs beat R Donaldson, J Fox, G Cutts, G Stevens 18-15; M King, C Brooks, C Jelf, D Bell lost 17-16 to N Terry, R Osment, D Spink, L Hall; G Morgan, M White, F Knotts, J Hostler lost 33-13 to T Wells, J Turner, P Quilter, J Newell..

Wittering 77 Little Spain 79

Scores: L Swift, G Morgan, J Hostler won 19-14; K Clark, D Clapton, R Hanbury lost 19-16; K Slogrove, J Derkatsch, L Bangs won 13-11; J Clapton, T Nixon, S Hooker lost 14-13; C Brooks, C Jelf, B Newman lost 21-16.


Norfolk B 54 Bognor B 103

On a beautiful afternoon in an LG division-three match, Bognor B won on every rink to take the maximum ten points.

Scores: S Webster, T Love, A Hall, P Phillips (skip) won 18-16; R Penny, T Mussel, K Taylor, D Matkins (skip) won 29-11; A Harrison, G Herrington, K Hellyer, J Parry (skip) won 32-10; R Bobbett, G Dunham, G Cook, J Jackson (skip) won 24-18.

Hotham 51 Bognor 43

Bognor played an away match at home (Hotham and Bognor play on the same green) but Hotham took the honours in a mixed triples match.

Scores: R Philpot, Jane Colebrook-Taylor, J Christensen lost 18-13; Pauline White, G Herrington, P Dale lost 22-7; Edna Keywood, J Colebrook-Taylor, D Jackson won 23-11.

Homefield Park 25 Bognor 13

A trip to Worthing for this friendly ended in a win for the home team, with Bognor only winning on one rink.

Scores: Jean Taylor, A Knight, Jane Taylor, J Parry (skip) lost 25-13; S Webster, Pauline White, R Lincoln, P Phillips (skip) lost 20-18; A Harrison, Joan Shaw, G Cook, G Herrington (skip) lost 16-14; Edna Keywood, R Pennny, J Christensen, K Taylor (skip) won 18-13.

Bognor 87 Crablands 72

Bognor won this friendly with wins on three rinks.

Scores: J Colebrook-Taylor, A Knight, G Cook, K Taylor (skip) lost 23-19 to B Berry, L Lewendon, J Saunders, D Adams; R Philpot, S Webster, A Hall, J Parry (skip) beat N Reynolds, R Shambrook, A Bateman, A Blyth 21-15; J Johnston, B Daley, P Phillips, A Richardson (skip) beat J Tyrrell, S Blyth, J Harman, I Jones 22-17; B Harvey, G Dunham, P Dale, R Gardner (skip) beat D Martin, A Humphreys, R Eastland, M Heasman 25-17.

n Bognor singles champion David Parker played Alan Readshaw of Billingshurst in the preliminary round of the Sussex County champion of champions match. It was a close game and Parker snatched victory on the final end.


Southbourne Ladies 18 Chichester Ladies 17

On a windy afternoon, Southbourne playeda home triples match against Chichester. It was a close-fought match with Southbourne just prevailing on the very last end.

Scores: M Thornton, I Jennings, K Alner (s) won 18-17.

Tarring Priory 77 Southbourne 79

Southbourne had a close-fought win at Tarring Priory, where all four rinks could have gone either way.

Each side won two rinks with Southbourne just pipping Tarring on shots scored.

Scores: Richard Galloway, Mark Soper, Rodney Bull, Robin Armstrong (s) lost 23-19; Peter Jasinski, Peter Garrard, Dave Fewell, Antony Bull (s) won 24-15; Dave Walter, Alan Williams, Fred Brimcome, Dave Alner (s) lost 25-21; John Hardy, Eddie Neuts, Andy Smith, Paul Butler (s) won 15-14.


Petworth BC had a fine win at home in the first match of the league season. At a windy Sheepdown Drive they beat Maltravers BC from Littlehampton 8-2 in points and 89-53 in shots.

Chris Blackman, Ron Elliot, Dave Mustard and Marc Lancaster won 26-14 and Selwyn Hall, Len McRae, Ron Turner and Alan Potter won 24-13.

The only defeat came when Peter Miles, Mike Craft, Dave Lamb and Dan Blackman lost 19-18. Jim Dormer, Denis Caiger, Ben Haulkham and Nic Dudman were the top rink, winning 21-7.


Middleton 60 Storrington 76

In what might yet prove a blessing, Middleton men suffered a first-round PC Cup defeat to Storrington. Though disappointing, this means the men can focus on their number-one objective - improving on last year’s league performance.

Scores: D Gower, P Lush, J Graham, J Wilson lost 7-24; P Ramsden, R Wheeler, G Steventon, B Colvin lost 14-16; T Bridge, K Walker, T Finch, G Smith won 26-15; J Bumfrey, K Jenkins, K Baker, A Nurse lost 13-21. Result – Storrington Win 3-1

Middleton 43 East Preston 32

Middleton ladies opened their C&M Trophies League campaign with a win over East Preston.

Scores: P Eccles, T Galloway, L Hills, R Gregory lost 23-19; D Jenkins, L Simpson, A Steventon, M Wootten won 24-9.

Middleton 4pts, E Preston 2pts.

The two clubs also played a friendly with C Graham, H Strickland, L Lush, M Fox winning 14-13.

Middleton 52 Little Spain 72

In a mixed friendly against Little Spain, Middleton lost by three games to one.

Scores: C Graham, T Bridge, R Gregory lost 20-13; J Bumfrey, D Jenkins, K Jenkins lost 15-10; P Lush, H Wheeler, G Steventon won 20-11; J Bumfrey, N Robertson, K Walker lost 26-9.


Crablands 12 RAFA 45

A very disappointing start to Crablands’ season in the BM League saw RAFA, with a strong team, getting the result and the six points.

Scores: V Foyle, B Chandler, D Adams lost 28-5; E Sadler, J Byrne, A Bateman lost 17-7.

Crablands 45 RAFA 24

Crablands were the victors in this friendly.

Scores: M Whittle, S Blyth, R Shambrook won 18-9; M Bateman, J Lindley, A Blyth won 27-15.


Pagham’s men’s played a four-rink league game at home to East Preston and won 79-73 to collect eight points.

Scores: R Pearson, B Smith, P Mayoss, M English won 17-15; N Terry, P Quilter, J Pickard, G Stevens lost 22-15; T Wells, J Turner, J Newell, R Friday won 24-20; T Plows, R Osment, M Adams, L Hall won 20-16.


So far this season Telepost have lost two and won one in their programme of friendlies.

They have been having to borrow players from the opposition as their numbers are so depleted, and the committee have decided to cancel all matches for the rest of the season. After 41 years, the club will be wound up.

They will play this year in the Swansea Gardens Midweek League and other clubs’ special events, and roll-ups will also continue on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.


Midhurst got off to a good start in the Three Counties League after their promotion to division two last year by winning at Petersfield by three shots.

Winning on two rinks and losing on one enabled Midhurst to pick up four points to Petersfield’s one.

Scores: Peter West, Catherin Dixon & Stuart Largan lost 32-16; Malcolm Hutchings, John Pearce & Gerald Dixon won 31-11; Howard Seymour, Margaret Sole & Dave King won 19-10.

Stedham 49 Midhurst 46

Midhurst visited Stedham for a friendly but lost narrowly.

Scores: Joy Wells, Sue Ralph & Peter West won 21-14; Lilly Kingswell, Mike Ryan and Phil Kingswell lost 21-13; Jean Adams, Roy Ralph & Mike Hayward lost 14-12.

Hindhead 35 Midhurst 59

Midhurst visited Hindhead on a very hot Sunday afternoon and enjoyed a runaway victory by 24 shots.

Scores: Di Seymour, Dot Berry & Peter West won 18-10; Jack Jurado, Mike Hayward & Margaret Sole won 24-9; Stella Tait, Howard Seymour & Terry Berry won 17-16.


West Dean Bowls Club played the second game of the outdoor season against Little Spain in West Dean Gardens. They won on all three rinks with a total score of 66-26.

Skip John Butterworth with Brian Adams and David Harding were in the lead from the start and won 24-7. Club captain and skip Tony Boxall with Pam Sharrod and Andy Woods were also in the lead throughout and won 22-9.

Jim Sharrod, Chris Warrington and Ian Morrison had a very close game. They were all square at the 15th end but in the last three ends West Dean accumulated another ten shots to win 20-10.