It’s another Friday-night knockout for Bognor darts league

Andy Stubbs and Chris Osborne
Andy Stubbs and Chris Osborne

The Bognor Friday Night Benevolent League’s divisional pairs knockouts were held at Newtown Social Club.

Some 94 players from three divisions turned up to take part, a little bit down on the past two years.

Only ten pairs took to the oche for the division-one knockout, seven down on last year.

The first semi-final was between Andy Stubbs and Chris Osborne (Chi Snooker B) and Keith Robinson and George Knight (Chi Snooker C). A close match saw Stubbs and Osborne through to the final.

The second semi saw Buster Barton (Wheatsheaf) and Chris Gatford (Chi Snooker B) face father and son four-times champions Roger and Ian Hackett (Wheatsheaf). Missed chances for the Hacketts gave the final spot to Barton and Gatford.

Stubbs and Osborne got the early lead in leg one, but two large scores from Barton and Gatford gave them a chance, which they missed. The second leg was closer but Barton and Gatford were just in front all the way to the double. But more missed doubles saw Stubbs and Osborne hit what was needed to become division-one pairs champions.

Meanwhile in division two, 18 pairs were throwing for their chances.

The first semi-final saw Ben Marley and Alex Norgett (Newtown SC) take on Steve Aizlewood and John Abbott (BRSA ‘B’). A close match ended with Marley and Norgett getting to the final.

The second semi was a Friary battle between Dave Wingate and George Claridge (Friary D) and Dave Bourne and Tim McCarthy (Friary C). After lots of missed doubles the winners were Wingate and Claridge.

The final saw a one-sided match with Marley and Norgett getting off to a great start. The end of the leg saw a ton from Marley and a missed double top from Norgett trying for a 116 out-shot, but Marley hit the double with his next throw.

The second leg was the same story, with Marley and Norgett jumping into the lead. Scores of 85 and 81 from Wingate and Claridge left them with 102, but Norgett took the out-shot of double one (the ‘mad house’) with his last dart to give him and Marley the division-two pairs champions title.

The best turnout was for division three, with 19 pairs taking part.

The first semi-final saw Sam Chant and Larry Chant (Bognor Sports Club) take on Mark H Todd and Dan Gill (BRSA Ravens) and the second semi-final saw Mark R Todd & Mary-Jane Todd (BRSA Ravens) up against John McAllister and Pete Herbert (Richmond Regulars). Going through to the final to make it a team fight were both BRSA Ravens pairs.

That made the final a family affair, with Mark R Todd and his daughter Mary-Jane Todd taking on son and brother respectively Mark H Todd and his partner Dan Gill.

The first leg saw scores of 100, 140 and 85 from Mark R Todd and then the out-shot of 56 from Mary-Jane to go one up. The second saw Todd and Gill go into the lead, and a bounce out for Mark R Todd gave them the chance to take the double, which they took.

The last leg saw the father and daughter go into an early lead, but their opponents pulled it back. Then a two-dart out-shot of treble eight and double 16 from Mary-Jane gave them the title.

Tuesday Double In Double Out Darts League

Week 14’s best game was played by Cliff Prior (Claremont) with 17 and 23 darts and a 22.83 average.

Highest in shot was by Prior with 170 and highest out shot came from Ian Hackett (Richmond Raiders) - 100.

Results: Div 1 - Lamb Steyne 4 Hunston Club 5; Old Barn 1 Claremont 8; Div 2 - BRSA Ravens 1 Neptune 8; Wheatsheaf 7 Richmond A 2; Richmond Raiders 4 Cabin 5.

Other stats - Div 1 - best game - Lee Franklin (Claremont) 16 & 34 darts (20.04 av); Cliff Prior (Claremont) 17 & 23 darts (22.83 av); Chris Gatford (Hunston Club) 20 & 24 darts (22.77 av). 180s - Cliff Prior (Claremont) 2. High in shots - Cliff Prior (Claremont) 170; Lee Franklin (Claremont) 160 & 120; Gary Blackwood (Claremont) 160; Pat O’Hagan (Lamb Steyne) 110; Nathan Warren (Claremont) 102; Chris Gatford (Hunston Club) 101. Div 2 - best game - Phil Hayers (Neptune) 19 & 40 darts (16.98 av); Rob Palmer (Cabin) 24 & 31 darts (18.22 av); Les Totham (Wheatsheaf) 29 & 30 darts (16.59 av). High in shots - Bradley Marshall (BRSA Ravens) 112; High out shots - Ian Hackett (Richmond Raiders) 100.