Knockout format for fantastic five

Walid Adenas with trainer Sami Elslamanabi. Picture: Malcolm Wells (151128-2214)
Walid Adenas with trainer Sami Elslamanabi. Picture: Malcolm Wells (151128-2214)

GLORY awaits the fantastic five on the march in the England Boxing Youth Championships.

A quintet of top talent begin their quest for national honours in the final stages of the competition tomorrow.

A tournament with contests over three consecutive days will culminate in champions being crowned on Sunday in Rotherham.

That’s where Heart of Portsmouth (HOP) trio Ivy-Jane Smith, Bailey Fowler and Walid Adenas are dreaming of being successful.

Team Wiseman Mark Chamberlain is out for another national title after his success last year.

Moneyfields’ Owen Hooper also goes into the quarter-final stage in good form after collecting the Southern Counties title.

Smith boxes at 54kg with Fowler aiming for success at 52kg and Adenas taking part in the 69kg category.

Junior head coach, Paul Kapnisi, and his team have been working tirelessly readying the boxers.

HOP head coach, Q Shillingford knows the boxers are primed for what lies ahead.

Shillingford said: ‘You have to be prepared for boxing over three days. It’s a different challenge.

‘You have to be careful with your weight and how you eat.

‘This is a massive experience for them all.

‘There will be a good mix of champions involved and we have trained hard to be ready for the event.’

Chamberlain has been boosted by the news he will remain part of the England development squad ahead of his bout tomorrow at 60kg.

His coach, Daron Wiseman, said: ‘Mark is feeling strong at the weight and hasn’t killed himself making it.

‘He’s been here before and knows what he needs to do.

‘One thing he knows for sure is he couldn’t have trained any harder.’

Moneyfields’ Hooper impressed beating national finallist, Jack Burrent, at 81kg in the last round. His coach, Colin Hooker, tipped him to be make a mark if he stay focussed after that win.

He said: ‘Owen has been putting in the work.

‘It’s an even group, but there’s every chance Owen can go all the way.’