Ladies impress against Preston ... county crown for Nyetimber bowlers

Freddie Kaucher and Stella Singleton - two thirds of the team who won a county triples tournament   Picture by Kate Shemilt C141592-2
Freddie Kaucher and Stella Singleton - two thirds of the team who won a county triples tournament Picture by Kate Shemilt C141592-2

Arun ladies played a Sussex League game against Preston ladies and gained ten points out of a maximum of 11 with a 132-58 win.

Scores: C Hobbs, V Greenaway, M Phillips and A Janman won 42-4; D Mitchell, C Dunham, B Collins and M Richards won 20-15; J Foster, M Bacon, S Judd and B Spicer won 26-6; D Anderson, J Whitfield, J Taffurelli and D Latter won 28-14; B Jones, E Cooke, S Stocker and B Jones lost 19-16.

Adur ladies visited Arun ladies in the Sussex League and it was a good close game with the Arun taking the lead late on. The final score was 115-81 in Arun’s favour as they won three out of four rinks. Arun Ladies picked up nine points out of the possible 11.

Scores: C Hobbs, C Dunham, B Collins and B Spicer won 35-13; E Fitch, V Greenaway, J Taffurelli and D Latter won 23-12; I Brooker, F Ireland, S Stocker and G Conley lost 26-12; J Foster, M Bacon, S Miles and S Judd lost 20-16; D Mitchell, P Terry, J Lindley and M Richards won 29-10.

Arun 138 London Transport 100

Arun entertained London Transport and the match was closer than the score suggests as one of Arun’s rinks had a massive win. In fact, Arun won on only one rink.

Scores: J Haigh, P Easterbrook, J Dyke, P White won 20-14; P Green, W Braford, N Waddock, J Newell won 26-10; J Sparrow, D Spink, J Fox, C Burnard lost 23-18; C Chester, A Wilkins, M Campbell, M English lost 23-22; P Langridge, T Jennings, J Olliver, A Avery lost 26-11; R Lincoln, J Smith, P Phillips, C Radford won 41-4.

Arun 121 The Arun 21 Club 98

This is an annual game played to celebrate members who have 21 years of bowling for Arun IBC behind them.

It started with Alan Stewart suggesting starting the 21 Club, but it didn’t come to fruition until 2006 – and has been a regular fixture ever since. So far Arun and The 21 Club have won the fixture five times.

Scores: F Downing, S Wilson, M Bateman, A Avery lost 28-18; D Green, P Phillips, V May, J Whetstone won 22-14; P Hamnett, P Hetzel, C Burnard, E Cumberland won 27-11; D Goodenough, V Rayner, B Sanford, B Morgan draw 18-18; O Fidgeon, J Smith, S Simmons, B Talmage lost 19-14; C Hillier, N Waddock, M Steel, D Young won 22-8.


Lavant Green, playing away to Norfolk Cubs, had a topsy-turvy game.

On mat one, the lead changed teams seven times. From a good start, Green lost five ends in a row to go two shots down. They went ahead but again went two shots down. The last few ends were shared, Cubs winning by two shots.

Lavant’s mat two were outplayed from the start, Cubs scoring heavily all the way to win by 40 shots.

Scores: S Meyer (skip), M Keane, W Cooper, P Lee lost 21-19; B Cooper (skip), S Lillywhite, E Keane, Y Squires lost 47-7.

Lavant Blue hosted Fittleworth and enjoyed a 37-30 win.

On mat one Blue won 12 of the 21 ends but Fittleworth scored well and took the last end to win by two shots.

On mat two, Blue led all the way, winning 14 of the 21 ends to win by nine shots.

The friendly teams enjoyed a close game, Lavant ensuring a win with three shots on the last end 23-17.

Scores: J Sharrod (skip), B Cooper, M Winter, J Lee lost 18-16; T Boxall (skip), B Wallsgrove, P Sharrod, J Conway won 21-12; (friendly): P Winter (skip), T Bleach, P Lee, S Lillywhite won 23-17.


Nyetimber Golds hosted Lavant Green in a league match and took four points from a 39-33 victory.

Scores: Alan Crew, Carol Sands, Irene, Afke Booker won 23-13; Stella Singleton, Jimmy Smith, Michael Biggs, Barbara Crew lost 20-16; (friendly): Catherine Plummer, Brian Boiling, Tony Mussell, Nigel Plummer won 29-15.

Two Nyetimber bowlers were part of the winning trio on the county over-60s triples at Westergate.

Freddie Kaucher and Stella Singleton of Nyetimber teamed up with Ron Booty of Upper Beeding to take the prize. They were able to show off their silverware at the recent Nyetimber prizegiving afternoon at The Bear in Pagham.


Southbourne Rovers 41 Walberton Blues 37

Rovers had a good home win against Walberton in south-west division two of the West Sussex Winter League. Each team won on one mat and Southbourne won by four shots overall to earn four points.

Scores: Mary Thornton, Jim Jennings, Kathy Shelley & Pete Jasinski (s) won 18-13; Irene Jennings, Colin Bulbeck, Dave Young & John Staker (s) lost 24-23.


Midhurst Eagles played an away friendly against Comptons. It was close but Midhurst just lost out on two mats and won on one – Comptons winning 64-57.

Scores: S Tate, A Burton, J Etheridge-Barnes, B Fallows lost 24-19; B Osbourne, D Burton, I Frost, R Weeks lost 22-18; D Clark, L Stevens, D Berry, T Berry won 20-18.

A knockout plate game versus Crabland Cormarants brought a win for the Eagles by 47-34. This puts the Eagles into the semi-finals, which will be played at Westergate.

Scores: B Osbourne, L Stevens, B Fallows, T Berry won 23-15; A Knight, J Etheridge-Barnes, L Mercer, R Weeks won 24-19.


Hunston hosted Crablands and had a enjoyable match. The score did not reflect the game as Hunston won 60-39.

Scores: B Hodnett, Barbra, J Stubbs A Harle won 23-12; C Butler, J Hodnett, A Hack won 19-12; T Hack, Terry, P Guyatt S Mesure won 18-15.

Away to Walberton, Hunston had another enjoyable game but lost by seven shots.


Fittleworth 58 Bury 42

Scores: Audrey Hodgson, Tony Broughton, Bernard Adsett lost 18-13; Muriel Cook, Jane Adsett, Monica Enticknap won 18-12; Arthur Ellcome, Sheila Allen, Gina Barnfield won 27-12.

Fittleworth 41 Clapham & Patching 41

Scores: Arthur Ellcome, Tessa Clegg, Sheila Allen, Gina Barnfield lost 27-15; Audrey Hodgson, Jane Adsett, Charlie Martin, Sue Judd won 26-14.