Lots of new runners Tone up for Zone

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TONE ZONE Runners welcomed a record intake of more than 50 new members in January.

Meanwhile, several of the club runners were already upping their training in preparation for the Brighton and London marathons, with many others focused on their own challenges ahead.

It was back to business for many of the club’s runners as the Chichester 10k took centre stage, the first main race of the year for many local athletes.

Another great ToneZone turnout of 42 runners competed in the annual event, held in favoured cold conditions.

Conrad Meagher was the first Tone Zone runner to finish - and in a personal-best time of 39.21.

Meagher, in only his third 10k, showed a natural ability in a well-paced race and can only continue to improve throughout the year.

First Tone Zone lady to finish was Anna Enes, also with a new best time of 44.08.

Several Tone Zoners also achieved new personal bests. Alison Stead took nearly two minutes off her previous, Debbie Patching more than a minute, Karen Young and Joyce Ford more than four minutes and Melanie Dixon five minutes-plus.

Felicity Paton, after several years of running and sustaining more than her fair share of injuries, produced a fantastic run and new personal best of 45.35. Jim Simmon broke the sub-40 minute barrier with a new best of 39.36.

In other races, Karen Harrison travelled to Florida to compete in the annual Disney marathon. This popular event had more than 25,000 runners taking part.

It is well known for the ‘fun’ side of the race and included a troupe of Disney characters at the 19-mile marker digging graves for those runners hitting the wall. Harrison was completing her 13th marathon and finished in a time of 3hr 49min.

The club’s ladies’ captain was not content with simply challenging herself in a marathon but also competed in the Disney half marathon the day before. Harrison recorded time of 1hr 55.

At the Stubbington Green 10k, Stephen Goddard competed the 10k in 52 minutes.

TONE ZONE RUNNERS & TIMES: Chichester 10k – Conrad Meagher 39.21, Jim Simmons 39.36, Mike Batstone 42.42, Mark Annals 43.02, Colin Hiscock 43.08, Phil Cooper 43.59, Chris Gallagher 44.02, Anna Kari Enes 44.08, Gary Bushby 44.25, Ian Bayley 44.40, Gary Pidgeon 45.09, Louisa Proctor 45.16, Felicity Paton 45.35, Keith Hardwell 46.13, Trevor Swann 47.13, Stuart Thompson 49.46, Amanda Worne 49.59, Jason Rae 50.44, Glen Penfold 51.15, Robert Little 51.26, Stephen Goddard 52.00, Grace Natoli 54.33, Natalie Rowland 55.25, Viv Baker 55.42, Helen Trainer 56.00, Roy Webb 56.50, Sarah Baker 56.32, Sarah Spurr 56.55, Pat Argent 57.15, Mike Young 57.33, Alison Stead 57.52, Karen Young 58.00, Mike Monk 58.39, Debbie Patching 59.15, Melanie Dixon 59.36, Jacqui Salt 59.23, Sarah Ferris 59.36, Joyce Ford 1.00.37, Alan Argent 1.00.58, Jo Langrish 1.02.29, Aaron Lewison-White 1.02.59, Victoria Weiss.