Lower Life: April 10 and 11 - dates for relegation, jubilation - and now salvation?

Freddie Piquionne is mobbed by fellow players after scoring the first Pompey goal against Spurs at Wembley in 2010   Picture: Allan Hutchings
Freddie Piquionne is mobbed by fellow players after scoring the first Pompey goal against Spurs at Wembley in 2010 Picture: Allan Hutchings

It’s probably tempting fate by talking about the likelihood of Pompey’s court case actually going ahead on the latest date or dates given.

Nevertheless, there’s a touch of irony that the all-important hearing now looks like taking place on April 10 or April 11, or perhaps both, if the lawyers involved decide they like the sound of their own voices.

That’ll either be the third anniversary of Pompey being relegated from the Premier League, or the third anniversary of us beating Spurs at Wembley to reach the FA Cup final.

That was a weekend, wasn’t it? Made Alton Towers’ biggest and scariest rollercoaster seem like a teacup ride.

Wasn’t it Peter Drury, the ITV commentator, who said, as the Blues blasted past Harry, Jermain & Co, that the life of a Pompey fan was ‘emotionally draining – one way or the other’? Very true.

Despite our quick return to Wembley, we knew by then we were on the slippery slope. But did any of us know how far down it we would slide?

I doubt there were too many who thought that, three years down the line, we’d be back in a second administration, waiting for a third points deduction (we hadn’t even had a sniff of our second by April 2010) and staring at the whites of League Two’s eyes.

Football is such an unpredictable game that I don’t think fans ever think as far as three weeks ahead ,let alone three years.

Anyhow, I (and this isn’t the first time I’ve had to put these two words together, although they’re not together because I’ve inserted this bit in brackets in between them) digress.

Our fall from what some used to think was the promised land of the Premier League has been swift and, on the whole, not very enjoyable.

But, if you put our recent long, drawn-out winless run to one side and consider merely which level of the pyramid we’re now operating at, I ask this question: Do Pompey fans really care that we’re in the lower leagues rather than the upper ones?

I inadvertedently sparked a bit of a verbal fracas on Twitter last weekend when I remarked that it was good to see Aldershot winning as we needed them to stay in League Two to set up the prospect of a good old Hampshire derby next season.

One fellow Pompey fan took umbrage at this and thought it was ‘depressing’ that I was ‘revelling’ in Pompey’s lower-league mediocrity.

As far as I could see, most others who entered the debate were with me – or at least against the tweeter who’d hit back at me.

It’s all a matter of opinion, I suppose, but I’m certainly not missing being in the Premier League. I’m not saying I never want Pompey to get back there, but I’m in no rush.

And plenty of people I speak to take the same view.

My son, for example, is as excited about going to Brentford next month as he was about going to Chelsea in the Cup last year. It’s the Pompey experience he savours, not the standard of the opposition.

It’s been said before and it’ll be said again – all that really matters these days is that there remains a Pompey to support. As long as there is, I don’t mind about the detail.

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