Mind the gap! London Transport bowlers too strong for West Sussex

The London Transport and West Sussex touring bowlers line up before their annual meeting
The London Transport and West Sussex touring bowlers line up before their annual meeting

Arun hosted the annual fixture between London Transport Bowling Association and the West sussex tourists.

The six-rink mixed game has always been tight and competitive in previous years, but London Transport were 135-110 victors, winning on four rinks and losing on two.

Egham 120 Arun 106

Arun travelled to Egham in Surrey for an annual six-rink men’s fixture and fell short by 14 shots overall.

Arun won on two rinks, Egham on four.

Scores: P Langridge, B Fitch, J Morris, D Adams lost 29-7; BA Smith, D Parker, D Sayers, JP Brown won 31-10; J Dyke, D Matkins, M Adams, J Pickard won 24-16; B Rebbeck, W Branford, B Sandford, R Gardner lost 36-16; G Whitaker, P Easterbrook, H Forsyth, B Jones lost 16-13; A Simmons, W Cato, E West, D Bowles lost 19-15.

Arun 143 Langney Sports

Langney Sports from East Sussex were the visitors to Arun IBC in this six-rink friendly.

Arun won by 44 shots, winning on four rinks and losing on one with one drawn. Arun were 40 shots up at the ten-end mark and maintained that momentum.

Scores: C Chester, D Spink, D Winchester, A Fisk won 27-20; J Watson, J Gilpin, A Avery, J Saunders drew 16-16; A Harrison, G Herrington, J Olliver, D Bowles lost 22-20; B Jones, W Branford, B Sandford, R Gardner won 24-15; G Whitaker, D Taffurelli, K Burt, PJ White won 28-15; G Finch, B Fitch, R Bishop, L Corne won 28-11.


Goodwoods Greens visited The Martlets and came away with four of the six points on offer.

It was almost maximum points but the last bowl of the match by Brenda Jones just failed to secure the three shots which were needed to claim all six and Joan Simmons, Mary Fair, Marlene Steele and Brenda lost 21-18. Edna Cook, Derek Fair, Eric Jones and Brian Mills scored steadily to win 24-18 for an overall score of 42-39.

They also had the narrowest of wins on the friendly mat where Marion Goodland, Grace Roope and Resi Wiedenhoft finished 25-24.

Goodwoods visited Nyetimber for a friendly against their old rivals and came away with bragging rights.

Scores: M Fair, G Roope, G King & P Smith beat T Algar, B Boiling, R Hatch & A Foot 17-11; B Baines, J Harbut, M Steel & B Mills beat Peta Watters, J Chaplain, D Kirby & B Crew 24-17; B Williams, M Goodland, D Lovell & B Goodland beat A Crew, C Plummer, Peter Watters & Nigel Plummer 22-6.

Bognor Goodwoods Blues had a convincing win over Ardingley in the West Sussex knockout cup.

Brenda Jones’ team – Joan Simmons, Betty Williams, Marlene Steel – twice scored six shots to help them to a 33-13 win.

Things were a lot tougher on the second mat but Brian Mills’ team of Derek Fair, Edna Cook, Eric Jones took the last five ends to secure a 19-14 win and an overall win of 52-27.


Crablands hosted West Wittering for an enjoyable afternoon of bowling, playing three rinks and ending with an overall win of 63-49.

Scores: Joan Taylor; Iris Brown; Geoff Brown & Lil Tuck won 19-11; Terry Axworthy; Patricia Tucker; Charlie Threlkeld & Mike Tucker won 30-11; Jean Tolhurst; Joan Homewood; Stevie Brooks & Roy Tolhurst lost 27-14.


Fittleworth hosted Barnham but the visitors won on two mats to one for a 65-37 victory.

Scores: Murial Cook, Jane Adsett, Alan Jordan, Dave Herbert won 20-17; Pauline Gilpin, Peter Martin, Alvar Heterington, Gina Barnfield lost 29-12; Tony Broughton, Peter Cook, Marc Wood, Sue Judd lost 19-5.

Good wins on two mats gave Fittleworth an 86-42 triumph over Donnington.

Scores: Nancy Goodyer, Marc Wood, Alan Jordan, David Herbert beat Anne Roberts, June Martinelli, Vic Mitchell & John Roberts 32-14; Roger Lucking, Peter Martin, Sheila Allen, Gina Barnfield lost 25-16 to Marjorie Beasley,Tony and Wendy White and skip Mike Bayfield; Jean Lucking, Tony Broughton, Sue Judd, Charlie Martin beat Daphne Tucker, Trevor Wilson, Brian Taylor & Maggie Maggs 38-13.

Donnington aim to reverse the result at the teams’ next meeting.