More than 100 bowlers flock to Chichester’s open fours

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On a sunny day 28 teams from the south of England converged on Chichester for their annual Open Fours competition.

Sponsored by Reynolds Funeral Service, the contest saw teams divided into two groups of 14 with each team playing four games.

The winner of each group played in the final and the runner-up in each went into the third-fourth place play-off.

After two games in each group, six teams were on maximum points: East Preston Hawks, Fishbourne Wanderers and Hollingbury Park from group one and The Del Boys, Ex Nairobi and Wittering Wizards from group two.

Fishbourne Wanderers won their next two games to top group one while East Preston Hawks finished runners-up.

In group two The Del Boys won their last two games to head their group and Wittering Wizards claimed the runners-up slot.

In the third-fourth place play-off Wittering Wizards scored a five on the first end against East Preston Hawks before going on a 9-4 win.

In the final Fishbourne Wanderers (Malcolm Keane, Keith Burt, Tony Hardgrove and Peter White) opened with a score of two but the Del Boys (Peter Whale, Derek Leach, Graham Craig and Jim Scott) replied by winning the next five ends.

Fishbourne scored a single on the last end but this was not enough as the Del Boys won the final for the second year running) with an 8-3 victory.

Chichester 53 Fishbourne 23

This was a convincing win for Chichester at home to Fishbourne in the BM League, winning on both rinks to take all six points.

Scores: K Burt, Steph Baverstock & Mike Bayfield won 29-12; Vic Mitchell, Innes Taylor & Peter Whale won 24-11.

Chichester Ladies played two friendlies against Wittering and Maltravers in Priory Park.

Chichester 48 Wittering 44

Carol Tuffin’s Wittering team scored a hotshot in their narrow defeat.

Scores: Penny Hannet, Steph Baverstock, Bridget Collins & April Janman beat P Lillywhite, M Mulligan, D Leach & M Aylward (s) 31-14; Chris Hobbs, Innes Taylor, Mary Potter & Wendy Adams lost 30-17 to J Edwards, J Bangs, B Newman & C Tuffin (s).

Chichester B, in the third division, had a 6-4 win against Worthing Pavilion C and an 8-2 win against East Preston B. This keeps them top of division three, with three games left.

By contrast, the A team in division one have had a dip in recent form, losing four in a row, which has resulted in them slipping to third.

But the Chichester men’s section have something to look forward to. They have reached the county final of the Double Rink competition. This is the first time in the club’s 130-year history they have reached the final.

To reach the final, the two rinks of four (one home, one away) have beaten Worthing Pavilion, Middleton, Tarring Priory, Worthing, Sidley Martlets and Peacehaven.

In the final, they will play Hove & Kingsway on Sunday, August 5 at Popes Mead Bowling Club near Crawley. Support welcome.

The two rinks are Peter Whale, Simon Tooley, Tony Sayers, Mick Page, Gerry Jackson, David Schofield, Derek Leach and Matt Bonnar.


Fishbourne 35 Norfolk 33

In the first Division of the Brooks Motors League, Fishbourne had an excellent win by two shots over the league leaders. Fishbourne took four points. In the friendly triple, Norfolk won by two shots.

Scores: J Conway, R Beasley, P Winter won 21-14; W White, B Henham, P Massey won 14-19; I Roberts, T White, Gay Collins lost 20-18.

Portsmouth Gas Soc Club 82 Fishbourne 101

Fishbourne visited Portsmouth for a six-triple friendly played in a continuous drizzle.

Scores: C Lankshear, T White, P Massey won 27-6; N Campbell, W White, M Bleach lost 16-11; K Ridley, V Frost, B Wallsgrove won 17-15; K Makin, G Summers, P Winter won 16-14; J Lankshear, M Keane, F Heil lost 15-11; I Roberts, M Reed, R Beasley won 19-16.

Fishbourne 73 Witterings 69

Thanks to Peter Masseys triple gaining a 36-8 over their Witterings opponents, Fishbourne enjoyed a four-shot win – despite the Witterings winning the other three triples.

Scores: I Roberts, C Lankshear, B Wallsgrove lost 25-15; R Stone, J Lankshear, M Howard lost 20-10; A Banham, A Saunders, P Massey won 36-8; G Randall, N Saunders, T Bleach lost 16-12.


With four matches left in the C&M League, Middleton ladies head the premier division, a tremendous turnaround from last season.

The mixed teams are having a good year and with one match left to play, they head the Brooks Motor League second division.

Middleton v Arundel

Playing at home in the PC Cup, Middleton came off second best, losing three rinks to one.

Scores: J Wilson, J Graham, D Gower & G Addicot lost 22-11; R Wootten, K Baker, D Saunders & S Jackson won 22-15; M Feneley, T Finch, P Lush, B Bravington lost 17-18; A Nurse, J Beavan, D Wilkins & V Garhard lost 26-9.

Middleton 123 Little Spain 94

After some close-fought games, Middleton came out winners of this mixed friendly.

Scores: M Wootten, S Jackson, A Chandler & R Payne won 30-12; J Beavan, J Oldridge, L Oldridge & J Jackson halved 17-17; A Steventon, G Steventon, T Galloway & G Addicott won 29-17, J Graham, B Bravington, M Bravington & L Burrage lost 23-25, M Feneley, P Josephs, M Fox m& K Walker won 24-23.

Middleton 56 Worthing 84

This friendly was won by Worthing quite comfortably.

Scores: J Wilson, D Gower & V Garhard lost 18-17; J Graham, J Beavan & C Pratt lost 19-13, M Feneley; B Bravington & K Walker lost 26-11; K Baker, N Robertson & R Payne lost 21-15.

Middleton 91 Sussex Masonic 76

In another friendly, Middleton came out on top winning three rinks to two.

Scores: M Wootten, A Chandler & L Simpson lost 19-13; J Graham, N Roberston & J Jackson won 26-9; J Bevan, M Fox & L Davidson lost 25-12; D Gower, D Saunder & L Burrage won 19-16; G Steventon, P Josephs & V Garhard won 21-7.

Hotham 28 Middleton 41

Playing away to Hotham in a BM League mixed match Middleton had a clean sweep of the six points.

Scores: J Wilson, A Steventon & P Josephs won 25-16; J Graham, J Gower & J Oldridge won 16-12.


Bognor 76 Southbourne 75

Southbourne had a good away result as Bognor in the Littlehampton Gazette League, winning on three rinks to gain six points.

Scores: A Williams, P Garrard, M Soper, D Alner won 20-17; C Petchey, E Dewing, A Smith, P Butler won 20-17; K Lockyer, S Soper, F Heil, A Bull lost 26-13; P Jasinski, A Shelley, R Bull, R Armstrong won 22-16.

Southbourne 29 RAFA 33

In the BM League Southbourne’s return home match against RAFA saw both sides won one triple, but RAFA pipped Southbourne on the overall score. A friendly triple was also played against RAFA, which Southbourne won.

Scores: J Jennings, P Garrard, M Odell won 15-9; E Johnson, M Baylis, E Dewing lost 24-14; D Hibberd, I Jennings, J Staker won 15-14.


Three mixed friendly triples from Pagham went to play Sutton and enjoyed a 52-38 win.

Scores: Ann Calvert, Tony Wells, Paul Mayoss won 26-6; David Westcott, Brian Calvert, Joan Wells drew 14-14; Louise Saunders, Roy Osment, David Spink lost 18-12.

Three mixed friendly triples from Pagham went to play Sutton and won 52-38.

Scores: Ann Calvert, Tony Wells, Paul Mayoss won 26-6; David Westcott, Brian Calvert, Joan Wells drew 14-14; Louise Saunders, Roy Osment, David Spink lost 18-12.

Pagham hosted Witterings with four mixed friendly rinks, winning 77-67.

Scores: Gay Stewart, David Westcott, David Spink, Peter Quilter lost 20-19; Brian Sales, Louise Saunders, Roy Osment, Annie Ross won 21-18; Daniel Lovell, Richard Read, Sheila Stocker, Paul Mayoss won 21-14; Ann Calvert, Mick Adams, Iris Brooker, John Newell won 16-15.

Pagham played two mixed triples against Norfolk at home in the Brooks Motor League. They lost 40-34 but gained two points.

Scores: Maureen King, Mick Adams, Eric King lost 26-17; Daniel Lovell, John Burke, Sheila Stocker won 17-14.

Pagham played five friendly mixed rinks against Knaphill at home but lost 110-71.

Scores: Ann Calvert, John Warner, Maureen King, Eric King lost 29-10; Robert Pearson, Valerie Paul, Sheila Stocker, Peter Quilter lost 29-9; Daniel Lovell, Barry Baines, Iris Brooker, Ron Friday lost 18-14; Brian Calvert, Patsy Cobbing, John Newell, Annie Ross won 21-12; Mags Medhurst, Pat Friday, Mick Adams, Ian Paul lost 22-17.


Crablands 28 Chichester 47

In the BM League Chichester won to take four points.

Scores: B Jones, C Lewendon, D Muncey beat Innes Taylor, Kieth Burt & Peter White 17-12; S Jones, Y Clifton, I Jones lost 35-11 to Chris Hobbs, Betty Spicer & Mike Bayfield.

Crablands 47 Hotham 13

In lovely sunshine Crablands enjoyed a good win against Hotham.

Scores: B Keen, R Eastland, D Muncey won 24-6; L Lewendon, R Osborn, K Bailey won 23-7.


Arundel beat Aldingbourne 51-24 in a two-rink Ladies’ C&M League and took six points.

Scores: J Whetstone 15 M Wallinger 29; J Hamilton 9

A Olliver 22.


Fittleworth had a solid 62-39 home win over Midhurst.

Scores: Frances Etherington, Brian Ball, Sue Judd won 17-15; Murial Cook, Alvar Etherington, Gina Barnfield won 25-12; Audrey Hodgson, Peter Cook, Alan Jordan won 20-12.


Div 1: Bognor (6pts) 53 Aldingbourne 19 (J Spiers 29 J Hamilton 12; M Phillips 24 J Whetstone 7); Pagham (2pts) 47 Chichester (4pts) 50 (M King 18 Adams 27; G Conley 29 A Janman 23); Aldingbourne 35 Chichester (6pts) 41 (J Whetstone 16 A Janman 17; J Robini 19 W Adams 24); East Preston (6pts) 40 Arundel 23 (G Robinson 23 A Olliver 7; B Lemondine 17 P Gear 16); East Preston (6pts) 41 Norfolk 28 (G Robinson 19 J Smith 13; P Lemondine 22 P Young 28): Arundel (6pts) 51 Aldingbourne 24 (A Olliver 22 J Hamilton 9; M Wallinger 29 J Whetstone 15).

Div 2: Witterings (5pts) 41 Maltravers (1pt) 35 (M Aylward 19 F Steele 19; C Horsley 22 D Horn 16); Storrington (4pts) 40 Marine Gardens (2pts) 32 (P Healy 24 J Colbourn 14; B Philpots 16 S Carr 18); Marine Gardens 25 Shoreham (6pts) 58 (P Hughes 8 J Pearson 34; J Pearson 17 B Page 24); Lancing 47 Shoreham (6pts) 37 (M Merritt 26 B Page 12; L Gray 21 B Steady 25).


Goodwoods Magpies failed to break their run of Summer League defeats when they hosted Ashington, losing 69-47 and taking two points. They lost both triples – Margaret Williams, Rose Jalley and Brian Mills went down 14-5 and Brian Goodland, Geoff King and Brian Williams lost 14-9.

Magpies also lost both singles, Brian Mills by 13-4 and Brian Goodland 13-12.

The two pairs matches were shared, with Margaret Williams and Rose Jalley losing 9-7 and Brian Williams and Geoff King winning 10-6.

The friendly was won by Goodwoods team of Marion Goodland, Betty Williams, Janet Hanson and Freddie Kaucher by 16-13.

Bognor Goodwoods side visited Nyetimber for a friendly and won on all three mats for a 61-47 success.

Scores: B Baines, B Williams, G King, D Fair (skip) beat

B Boiling, M Hatch, S Syrett & R Hatch (s) 24-17; M Goodland, M Williams, J Harbut & B Goodland (s) beat I Hathaway, E Morgan, D Kirby & G.Booker 14-13; F Kaucher, B Williams, M Fair & J Hanson (s) beat C Plummer, P Watters, J Morgan & N Plummer (s) 23-17.