Netball: Flames are too hot to handle

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The Fishbourne Flames’ hot streak of form has continued. Here are reports from their two latest outings.

Fishbourne Flames 29 Cowplain Coyotes 14

Flames played one of their best matches of the season to ensure a convincing win over Coyotes.

This was their second meeting of the season with the previous encounter resulting in a narrower victory.

Flames made a strong start with secure passing and particularly impressive defending from Sue Cooper and Liz Adlington, who reduced Coyotes’ shooting options.

Flames were narrowly ahead at the end of the first quarter but were increased their lead significantly in the second with outstanding goals from Lucy Morris and Catherine Hutchin.

They commanded the goal circle and scored from a variety of positions. The third quarter was weaker from both teams but Tina Murden was creative with her centre passes and read the game well to enable Flames’ to maintain their lead.

The final quarter saw the whole team dominating. Angela Ruscoe assisted Cooper and Adlington by intercepting well and receiving and distributing backline passes skilfully.

Coyotes scored impressive goals and continued their tight marking and energetic interceptions but that was not enough to dent a high-quality performance from Flames.

FLAMES: Cooper, Adlington, Leeming, Murden, Hutchin, Morris, Ruscoe.

Fishbourne Flames 40 Dragons 7

Flames secured their most convincing victory to date over inexperienced but energetic Dragons.

The welcome return of Kimberley Churchill opened up options in the goal circle and she found her goalscoring form within minutes of the game starting.

Tina Murden was in commanding form as centre. In the first quarter, Flames’ defence worked hard to restrict shooting options for Dragons. Sue Cooper and Liz Adlington worked well together in the opposition goal and repeatedly blocked the Dragons shooters.

The second quarter saw Flames surging further ahead.

But the third quarter brought team changes which gave Dragons an opportunity to come back into it.

By the final quarter the rhythm was back and Angela Ruscoe contained the wing attack and Tina Murden was able to support the shooters and distribute well up the court.

Kylee Charles, girl of the game, made a strong impression as centre in the second half and her agility and speed was a significant asset.

Catherine Hutchin and Lucy Morris looked comfortable and added a number of late goals.

FLAMES: Cooper, Adlington, Leeming, Charles, Murden, Churchill, Hutchin, Morris, Ruscoe.