New Arun gymnasts shine at regional championship

Arun gymnasts show off their medals from the regional event
Arun gymnasts show off their medals from the regional event

Arun Gymnastics Club sent several of their newer gymnasts to compete for the first time at the south east regional novice and intermediate floor and vault competition.

With gymnasts entered from across Sussex, Surrey and Kent and medals awarded for overall position only, competition was going to be a real test of character for the Arun girls.

To ensure fairness, all the categories were split into A and B groups depending on the number of hours spent training.

Competing in round one for Arun were three novice gymnasts - Eve Holland, Tatum Anwyl and Cerys Dickinson.

Eve competed in the novice A 2006 Jul-Dec births group, where her efforts were rewarded with a top-20 overall finish, while Tatum and Cerys were competing in the novice A 2005 category with Tatum in the Jul-Dec group and Cerys the Jan-Jun group.

The two girls put in lovely floor routines that saw Tatum placed fourth and Cerys sixth and helped to achieve superb top-six overall finishes for both with Cerys placed fifth in her group and Tatum sixth in hers.

Round two saw five more Arun novice gymnasts competing - and more superb performances from the girls.

Brooklyn Smith competed in the novice A 2004 Jan-Jun group, where her excellent floor routine earned her third place and combined to give her a well-deserved fifth place overall.

Chloe Miller, Amber Hearn and Karla Thompson competed in the novice A 2003 Jul-Dec births category and all three achieved top-20 finishes.

Chloe was the star performer - her outstanding vault score gave her first place and helped her to finish fourth overall.

Lily Kan was Arun’s last competitor in this round, competing in the novice A 2002 births category, where two steady performances saw her placed tenth.

Eva Rennie and Annie-Rose Mitchell were the only two Arun competitors in round three with Eva competing at novice B 2004 finishing overall tenth and Annie-Rose achieving overall seventh in the novice B 2003 category.

The last four Arun competitors were all competing in the Intermediate B groups in round five. Ruby Bowditch and Ruby Hammond competed in the 2006+ competition where both girls had lovely floor routines that saw Bowditch placed third and Hammond sixth. In the overall competition Bowditch was placed sixth and Hammond 12th.

Isabel Foster earned second place for her wonderful floor routine and achieved eighth place overall in the 2004+ category, but it was Hannah Anwyl competing at 2002+ who ended up as Arun’s only medal winner of the event, when a superbly-executed floor routine gave her second place and helped her to overall third place and the bronze medal.

Head coach Mandy Hawkins was very encouraged by the results and pleased to see there is new talent coming through.