New string to bows in try achery event

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MORE than 300 people added a new string to their bow on Saturday by visiting the Archery Big Weekend at the Chichester Bowmen’s range to have a go at the sport.

People aged from three to 75, many of whom were inspired by the Olympics turned up at Oaklands Park and had the chance to try to shoot arrows.

There was a considerable amount of friendly competition between family members, with the children frequently beating their parents.

Many adults were currently participating in, or had recently given up, other sports and were looking for a new challenge. However, most were just keen to be part of the Olympic legacy by trying sport and a number signed up for the beginners’ course.

The event also attracted former members from both Chichester Bowmen and other clubs to return to archery.

Among the visitors was the chairman of the South Chichester County Local Committee, Mike Hall and his grandson.

The CLC had given the Bowmen a grant of £2,500 towards the new have-a-go equipment which arrived just in time for the event.

Chichester Bowmen were one of 65 clubs around the country participating in the Archery Big Weekend that was organised by Archery GB.