Next generation of anglers shown the ropes at Apuldram

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STORMY conditions didn’t stop the annual Chichester Harbour Conservancy fishing and crabbing event from being a success.

It was hosted by the Apuldram Fishing and Boating Club in partnership with the Education Centre at Dell Quay.

More than 35 children and adults braved conditions and took part in an enjoyable day.

An experienced team of club members were on hand with rods, bait, buckets, crabbing lines and nets to help newcomers.

The fishing clubhouse and education centre were open for refreshments and information.

The day began with an introduction by members of the fishing club and a safety talk by Judi Darley from the conservancy.

There was excitement as fishing rods were baited and cast from the quay and adjacent floating pontoons into a fast-moving, rising tide.

Offcuts of meat donated by a butcher and squid from the SAS tackle shop, both in Donnington, were tied to crabbing lines and lowered into the sea by expectant youngsters and their families.

It wasn’t long before their endeavours were rewarded. Each participant was allowed to keep only one crab at a time in their bucket of seawater.

Crabs were returned to the sea when larger ones replaced them. Everyone was shown how to safely handle the crabs so no harm came to their catch.

There were three prizes donated by the conservancy for the winners, including a day trip on their solar boat. Everyone enjoyed learning about the joys of fishing and crabbing in the beautiful and unique environment of Chichester Harbour.

The shell of the largest crab was recorded at 65mm. Two crabs were 61mm and came joint second. All crabs were safely returned to the sea. A number of people took away information about the fishing club.

New members are always welcome. The club offer all-year-round facilities, with support from an excellent team of experienced members and a full programme of events.

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