No need to Egham on - Arun are flying in the trophy

Arun continued their good start to the 2011-12 indoor bowling season by beating Worthing Field Place 98-57 in the first round of the National Mixed Egham Trophy.

In the next round, Arun will play Victory.

Scores: Home – Brian Rebbeck, Denise Latter, Wendy Adams, Derek Leach (skip) won 24-15; Diana Mitchell, Sue Miles, Len Corne, M.Edgecock (skip) won 28-10; Away – Angus Anderson, Gordon Leaman, Betty Spicer, April Janman (skip) won 23-16; Daphne Anderson, Bridget Collins, Colin Spicer, Matt Bonnar (skip) won 23-16.

Wealdon 117 Arun 123

The first league match of the season saw Arun travel to Wealdon in East Sussex.

Arun won by six shots, gaining nine valuable league points. Arun won on four rinks and lost on two.

The top rink was rink three, who won by eight shots.

Scores: J Olliver, A Anderson, F Taylor, P Hannam lost 21-12; R Lincoln, D Ford, J Newell, T Sayers won 19-13; B Why, D Sayers, B Napper, M Bonnar won 26-20; M Johnson, E West, B Hobley, D Leach lost 24-16; R Hobbs, B Butler, A Bowler, G Leaman won 26-18; R Leggett, P Murphy, E King, M Edgecock won 24-21.

Arun 116 Worthing 117

Worthing were the visitors for a six-rink Sussex Indoor League game. Worthing won by just one shot.

At the penultimate end Worthing were ahead by four shots with Arun pushing hard for a result but just failing.

Scores: B Why, D Sayers, B Napper, M Bonnar won 23-15; P Miles, J Olliver, A Bowler, L Corne lost 20-16, P Murphy, B Sanford, B Horsley, D Leach lost 25-18, R Leggett, D Parker, E King, M Edgecock lost 24-13; I Harvey, C Spicer, J Newell, T Sayers won 23-17; R Hobbs, A Anderson, F Taylor, P Hannam won 23-16.

Arun 169 Mole Valley 75

Arun won by 94 shots, winning on all six rinks. The halfway stage saw Arun 43 shots to the good, but in the second half Arun more than doubled their advantage.

Scores: N Waddock, Bag Smith, D Sayers, E King won 33-11; K Hellyer, M Hunt, M Johnson, D Ford won 26-11; D Goodenough, D Holland, P Phillips, G Leaman won 21-15; R Lincoln, P Murphy,

B Sanford, R Gardner won 26-13; J Watson, B Fitch, J Morris, A Anderson won 41-11; F Smith,

P Doust, C Burnard, J Pickard won 22-14.


West Sussex Premier entertained Surrey looking for a good win to strengthen their position at the top of their group.

They took six points in the first session but then found the going harder against a determined Surrey team looking for revenge after a defeat earlier in the season.

Three points in the second session left West Sussex ahead by 9-7 at lunch. In the afternoon the singles and pairs took a further six points and both sets of shot bonus points and with two wins by the fours and the bonus points in the final session, West Sussex ended up with a 25-15 win.

In the pairs Lavant’s Peter Whale and The Martlets’ Malcolm Rollings won 19-8 and lost 15-6 while in the other pair The Martlets’ Chris Blackman lost 13-12 and won 15-12.

In the triples The Martlets’ Jack Rollings won 11-7 and lost 13-12. In the fours Bognor’s Rose Jalley and Lavant’s Peter Winter with The Martlets’ Marc Lancaster and Mel Lillywhite drew 5-5 and won 9-8.

The captain’s player of the match was Ron Booty of Clapham and Patching.

The A team entertained East Sussex and won three out of four games in the first session and all the remaining games for a 38-2 win.

In the pairs Bognor’s Betty Williams and Marlene Steel won 16-12 and 17-13. In the triples Bognor’s Eric Jones, Brenda Jones and Brian Mills won 14-5 and 13-9 while in the other triple Lavant’s Ray Harding won 14-5 and 21-4.

In the fours Bognor’s Derek Fair and Lavant’s Rob Peirce won 8-5 and 18-0 while in the other four Lavant’s John Simms and The Martlets’ Barrie Fitch won 18-2 and 11-5.

The B team visited London for a friendly and were in good form, winning 34-6.

In the singles Crabland’s Mollie Back won 18-9 and lost 14-10. In the pairs Crablands’ Joyce Abel won 19-12 and 18-10 while Bognor’s Mary Fair and Jan Hanson won 16-6 and 17-5.

In the triples Crabland’s Martin Hunt won 15-10 and lost 15-11. In the fours Arundel’s Mike Knox and Crablands’ Les Dray won 13-6 and 10-9.


When Lavant Red hosted Chanctonbury, Peter Winter’s team started badly but were only one shot adrift after six ends. However, they scored on only four of the remaining ends and lost their game by 12 shots.

Peter Whale’s team started badly but were level at 5-5 after nine ends. They made the most of an excellent middle session, however, and won the game by nine shots.

Bill Cooper’s team in the friendly scored on only five ends and lost by 25 shots. Only three shots separated the teams at the finish and Red gained two match points.

Scores: P Winter, R Peirce, J Sharrod, J Simms lost 26-14; P Whale, J Heasman, P Beardmore, R Harding won 19-10; (friendly) B Cooper, B Copeland, S Lillywhite, P Lee lost 26-11.

Lavant Blue had a hard time at Storrington. Bernard Wallsgrove’s team scored only single shots and were 14 shots down after 13 ends. They improved but still lost by 13 shots.

Tony Boxall’s team were ten shots down before scoring. Scoring five shots at end 19 was little help and they lost by 20. On the friendly mat, Lavant lost by 12 shots.

Scores: B Wallsgrove, P Massey, S Lillywhite, J Lee lost 27-14; T Boxall, K Fancy, P Sharrod, J Conway lost 35-15; (friendly) J Heasman, J Sharrod, P Lee, C Martin lost 27-15.


Donnington SMBC started their indoor season with two close matches.

The first was against Crablands when Reg Percival, Stephanie Baverstock, Trevor Wilson and John Roberts won 30-13.

Rob Stone, Jenny Gibson, Vic Mitchell and Maggie Maggs lost 27-13, giving Donnington a 40-33 win.

Against Nyetimber it was a real ding-dong match on both mats.

Les Stewart, John Roberts, Derek Jeffryes and Brian Taylor won 18-15 while Bill Fowler, Brian Aston, Violet Jeffryes and Mike Bayfied scraped through 16-14, giving Donnington a 34-29 win. Both sides are looking forward to the return fixtures.


A clash with Storrington ended in a 37-27 win for Fittleworth, who took all six points.

Scores: Audrey Hodgson, Pauline Gilpin, Gina Barnfield, Betty Williams won 18-16; Murial Cook, Shiela Allen, Sue Judd, Charly Martin won 19-11; (friendly) Lynn White, Tony Broughton, Nancy Goodyer, Alan Jordan lost 22-14.

Fittleworth lost on one rink and won on one for a 46-32 win over Crablands, taking four points. The friendly mat lost 25-17.

Scores: Audrey Hodgson, Gina Barnfield, Sue Judd, Charlie Martin lost 21-16; Pauline Gilpin, Tony Broughton, Nancy Goodyer, Betty Williams won 30-11.