Rifle club on target for new members after Get Active visit

Chichester Rifle Club members had a great day at Chichester’s Get Active festival.

Nearly 200 people visited the club, of whom 105 tried their hand at free shooting, with 54 asking for their shot cards to be included in a free competition, shot at ten metres with high-grade air rifles from the sitting position.

Results: 1 Zack Williams 49 + 47 = 96 (group size 18.5 mm); 2 Demelza Peake 49 + 47 = 96 (21.4mm); 3 Jan Britten 49 + 46 = 95 (15.2mm); 4 Hamish Scott 49 + 46 = 95 (18.9mm); 5 Raymond Dabbs 49 + 46 = 95 (21.5mm); 6 Freya Peake 49 + 46 = 95 (22.1mm); 7 James May 49 + 45 = 94 (18.2mm).

A special mention goes to Freya Peake, 12 years old and shooting a rifle for the very first time that was nearly as big as she was. Winners will be sent their medals.

Organisers also looked at group size among the lower scoring cards. Grouping shots is one of the fundamental skills of shooting. This showed some brilliant results.

Babak Nakhai had an inner score of 48, group size 12.8mm; Simon Forster had 47 with a group size 11.2 mm and Andy Hook had 46 with group size 12.5mm.

Had the competition had been run on group size, the winner would have been Simon Forster.

The club are based in Wellington Road, Chichester, next door to the rugby club at the top of Oaklands Park.

They welcome membership applications – visit www.chichesterrifleclub.co.uk or drop in to the range on a Monday, Wednesday or Friday between 7.30pm and 9pm.