Shafters shafted by high-flying Falcons

Chichester Falcons notched two back-to-back wins with solid defensive displays against seasoned opposition.

Their first victims were Portsmouth University Shafters, who were shut out by some composed fielding led by pitcher David Morris.

Shortstop Ben Sawkins pulled off a dazzling backhand reaction catch, while debutant Jason Mercer snagged one off the wall, denying the Shafters a scoring opportunity.

At bat, designated hitter James Wheeler set the tone by stretching a ground ball to a two-base hit and helped load the bases ready for Max Hookway to hit his trademark grand slam right on cue.

The Falcons were able to keep the bases loaded for most of the innings with some strong hitting from Lisa Martins, while good discipline at the plate manufactured several runs. The final score was a well deserved 25-9 win.

Waterlooville Wolverines were next up - a strong team packed with experience – but by now the Falcons were soaring.

Nothing could prevent the pandemonium caused by Alex Rigert’s aggressive base running, while Ben Sawkins slugged another home run into the back wall to round out the innings.

The game turned into a knock-down drag-out battle as the Wolverines huffed and puffed but could not find their way through the watertight Falcons infield or overcome the partnership of pitcher James Wheeler and catcher Janice Morgan at home plate.

Lucy Morris’ unassisted double play and Jenny Dunn’s commanding presence in the diamond ably dealt with any line drives to shut down second base, leaving the Wolverines howling with frustration.

The final score was 14-8 to the Falcons.