Spirit of London 2012 comes to Bognor

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The Regis School hosted their very own mini Olympics.

It was organised by the students of the Regis School Olympic Committee in line with their aim of promoting Olympic and Paralympic values.

With the help of PE teacher Gemma Barlow, the school was the first in West Sussex to become a “Get Set Network” school, making them an official link with the London 2012 Olympics and Paralympics.

Other projects led by the committee have included fundraising and cross-curricular whole-school Olympic challenges.

The OC wanted to spread the values to some of their primary feeder schools. The event saw nearly 100 Year 4 and 5 pupils from Laburnum Grove and Edward Bryant primary schools.

With support of sports leaders they held five sports including rowing, tri golf, table tennis, sitting volleyball and various athletics throws such as adapted shot-put and javelin.

All students had a fabulous time and enjoyed a motivating opening and closing ceremony. The opening ceremony saw an Olympic dance performance from the Regis School Year 7 dance group.

The primary students were given an Olympic and Paralympic values presentation. Various children were awarded certificates for showing excellence, courage and friendship.

The event ended with a photo of the five different groups representing the colours of the Olympic rings.

Sports co-ordinator Sean O’Connor said: “The event was a huge success. The Olympic committee were so dedicated to providing this fantastic opportunity. They had spent months planning and the hard work really paid off.

“The Olympic committee and sports leaders were real role models and outstanding representatives of the school. The children were sure to be inspired by the Olympic and Paralympic values as we draw closer to London 2012.”