Trebles triumphs light up knockout night at Bognor

Division 1 Trebles Winners Lee Franklin, Colin Mace and Dave Owens
Division 1 Trebles Winners Lee Franklin, Colin Mace and Dave Owens

The Bognor Friday Night Benevolent League divisional trebles knockouts were held at Newtown Social Club.

The division-two knockout saw 12 teams take to the oche.

In the first semi-final Paula Duckett, John Wickens and Ellie Gostick (Richmond Rebels) took on Karl Wingate, Dave Wingate and Colin Ragless (Friary D). The Rebels had already taken out their teams mates in the first round, but were not good enough in this one.

The second semi-final saw Gary Harwood, Len Dixie and Martin Grainger (Royal Oak) up against Terry Whiffen, Tom O’Sullivan and Tony Tucker (Aldwick Legion B). The Royal Oak trio lost out to the Legion.

That led to a final between two of the top teams in division two go head to head. The first leg saw the only tons come from Ragless and Karl Wingate, but that still left them behind their opponents. Missed doubles from Tucker almost lost the leg but Whiffen hit the double he needed to take the first leg.

In the second leg, the only ton come from Karl Wingate again, and this time the Friary took the leg.

The last leg once again brought the only ton from the Friary, this time via Dave Wingate, allowing them to get to the double first. But double trouble appeared for the Friary, allowing their opponents to close in, giving O’Sullivan darts to end the game, which he did to give the division-two trebles title to Aldwick Legion B.

In division one, there were 13 teams on the oche.

The first semi-final saw Adi Linfield, John Abbott and Steve Aizlewood (Chi Snooker C) take on team-mates Keith Robinson, Mazz Tupper and Tom Spencer. A close game saw Linfield, Abbott and Aizlewood take their place in the final.

The second semi pitted Colin Mace, Lee Franklin and Dave Owens (POW Z) against Debbie Clements, Lee Clark and Stuart Gray (Old Barn). Despite having some chances, the Old Barn didn’t have enough for the top team in the league.

In the first leg of the final, after six throws the POW were more than 100 ahead and on their double. Three darts later and Franklin had hit double top to finish the leg.

The second leg was closer with Linfield hitting a 140, but Franklin followed that with a 135. Linfield came back with 101 on his next visit, but they were still behind.

Mace only just missed a 106 out-shot to leave 32, but Franklin missed this with all three darts near the wire on his return visit. It then all went wrong for both teams, including Linfield missing the bullseye for the leg.

Eventually Franklin hit double one to take the leg and the division-one title for the POW.

n Tomorrow night (Dec 12) the over-60s and ladies’ knockouts will take place at Aldwick Royal British Legion. Registration closes at 8pm, so please make sure you are there in time to register.

Tuesday Double In Double Out Darts League

Week 11’s star display came from Rob Collins (Wheatsheaf) with 20 & 20 darts and a 25.05 average.

Results - Div 1 - Cabin 0 POW Bognor 18; Wiley Newtown 17 Barny Army 6; Hunston Club 9 QE2 A 12; Neptune 18 Chi Snooker Club 1. Div 2 -

Richmond Raiders 11 Wheatsheaf 11; Friary 5 Claremont 16; QE2 Stiffs 17 Richmond ‘A’ 4.

Other stats - Div 1 - best game - Gary Williamson (Neptune) 20 & 24 darts [22.77 av]; Lee Clark (POW Bognor) 20 & 25 darts [22.27 av]; Dave Owens (QE2 ‘A’) 23 & 24 darts [21.32 av]; Stuart Rose (Wiley Newtown SC) 28 & 34 darts [16.71 av]. 180s - Gary Miller (POW Bognor); Lee Clark (POW Bognor); Darren Baldwin (Neptune). High in shots - Gary Williamson (Neptune) 142; Courtney Wilson (POW Bognor) 120; Gary Miller (POW Bognor) 120; Matt Shoebridge (Wiley Newtown SC) 120; Steve Aizlewood (Wiley Newtown SC) 118; Micky Rowland (QE2 ‘A’) 113 & 100; Phil Hayers (Neptune) 112; Richard Pennells (Barny Army) 112; Alex Norgett (Wiley Newtown SC) 112; Brian Bircham (Neptune) 112; Ashley Clements (Barny Army) 107; Peter Lagden (Neptune) 106; Richard Ragless (QE2 ‘A’) 105; Dave Mitchell (QE2 ‘A’) 101. High out shots - Stuart Rose (Wiley Newtown SC) 113; Brian Bircham (Neptune) 102. Div 2 - Rob Collins (Wheatsheaf) 20 & 20 darts [25.05 av]; Andy Whiteley (QE2 Stiffs) 19 & 24 darts [22.93 av]; Nick Hales (Claremont) 27 & 35 darts [16.16 av]. High in shots - Dave Cox (QE2 Stiffs) 140; Steve Landvogt (Claremont) 102; Rob Collins (Wheatsheaf) 100. High out shots - Pete Blackman (Richmond Raiders) 118. Whitewash legs - Frankie Rackham (Wheatsheaf) whitewashed in 15 darts by Pete Blackman (Richmond Raiders).