Trundle Hill triumph adds to Baker’s win tally

It was an up and down affair for the field on the Trundle
It was an up and down affair for the field on the Trundle

More than 300 runners took advantage of a fine evening to tackle the Trundle 10K hill race.

Regarded as one of the toughest events in the West Sussex Fun Run League calendar, the race also attracts runners from farther afield, including a strong Hampshire-based contingent.

At the front of the field, it was no surprise to see multi-winner James Baker, an athlete who thrives on the hilly terrain of the Sussex Downs.

Giving Baker a run for his money in the early stages was triathlete Dan Bailey, running for Hampshire-based Victory AC.

What was a 20-second gap at the top of the Trundle Hill eventually grew into nearly a minute with Baker crossing the line in 36min 2sec, a time which most runners would be delighted with on a flat course let alone the Trundle.

Bailey kept up his pace to finish inside 37 minutes and had over half a minute to spare over Julian Manning of Denmead in third.

Team-wise Chichester had a total of 41 runners competing and notched maximum bonus points to win the event and consolidate their position as one of the frontrunners in the league standings.

Other Chichester finishers: James Pennicott (10th, 40.42); Ed Porter 15th, 41.37; Nick Casburn 20th, 42.16; Dave Dorning 24th, 42.37; Fay Cripps 25th (second lady), 42.51; Josh Bappoo 27th, 43.47; Lee Neumann 31st, 44.09; Nick Mahoney 47th, 44.59; Tom Blaylock 52nd, 45.30; Sarah Fenmor-Collins 54th (fifth lady), 45.41; David Pike 55th, 45.45; Andrew Moore 65th, 46.38; Robin Wickham 64th, 46.40; Philip Court 71st, 47.25; Terry Healy 78th, 48.12; Martin Miller 80th, 48.21; Justin Eggins 84th, 48.31; Don Faircloth 85th, 48.32; Chris Tucker 90th, 48.45; Mark Jennings 97th, 49.13; Jan Hill 107th, 49.58; Dave Jobe 125th, 50.53; Alan Rowley 130th, 51.16; Michael Moorcroft 139th, 51.49; Jane Leonard 140th, 51.53; David Knight 144th, 51.59; Mark Hazlewood 148th, 52.25; Kevin Hughes 181st, 54.22; Sarah Hughes 184th, 54.39; Amanda Godfrey 187th, 54.54; Nigel McNestrien 201st, 55.58; Roger Hobbs 204th, 56.20; Dave Reading 216th, 56.56; Sue Baker 243rd, 59 32; Peter Shaw 245th, 59.39; Lois Jerrey 255th, 61.01; Jessica Davies 257th, 61.11; Kelly Baldwin 264th, 62.30; Brian Barnard 275th, 63.26 and Rachel Austin 295th, 65.35.