West Sussex bowls aces do a double over Hampshire

West Sussex Premier and A teams entertained Hampshire at the weekend, looking for a repeat of their wins earlier in the season away from home.

The Premier team shared the points in the first and second sessions to be 8-8 and 95-93 shots up at lunch.

In the third session they stepped up and won three of the games, but collapsed in the fourth session, only managing one draw and three losses, losing by 21-19 but ahead on shots 187-173.

In the singles the Martlet’s Mel Lillywhite won 17-12 and lost 17-12.

In the pairs Lavant’s John Heasman and Peter Whale lost 13-11 and won 18-11, whilst in the other pair Midhurst’s Roger Brown won 14-13 and 21-7.

In the triples the Martlet’s Chris Blackman won 14-8 and lost 9-5, whilst club-mate Marc Lancaster in the other triple lost 11-8 and drew 10-10.

In the fours Lavant’s Peter Winter lost 15-8 and 9-3. The Chichester Observer’s player of the match award went to Chris Page of Slinfold Infinity.

The A team also had a morning of shared points and at lunch were 8-8 but 87-80 behind on shots.

In the third session they also shared the points 4-4 but finished in fine style, winning the last four games for a final victory by 28-12 and 177-152.

In the pairs the Martlet’s Barrie Fitch lost 16-12 and won 17-6. In the triples Bognor’s Eric and Brenda Jones lost 13-11 and won 20-3, whilst in the other triple Lavant’s Ray Harding lost 15-4 and won 8-6.

In the fours Bognor’s Mary Fair won 8-6 and 9-7 whilst in the other four club-mate Derek Fair with Lavant’s John Simms and Rob Peirce won 6-5 and 8-6.


Arun 107 Victory 93

Arun Ladies had an enjoyable 14-shot friendly win over Victory.

Scores: L.Curtis, S.Pugh, J.Whitfield, S.Hart lost 27-20; C.Hobbs, E.Cooke, V.Greenaway, W.Adams lost 18-12; J.Simmonds, E.Fitch, I.Brooker, C.Horsley won 16-13; J.Boucher, F.Ireland, J.Taffurelli, D.Latter won 29-9; P.Rampton, O.Fidgeon, E.Tooley, M.Phillips won 19-11; D.Anderson, P.Friday, S.Heil, A.Greenfield lost 15-11.


A tight game between Crablands Cormorants and Comptons was won 38-37 by Cormorants.

On the friendly mat, Patricia Tucker, Wally Obermayer, Tony Heritage and Mike Tucker lost 25-20.

On mat one Joyce Abel, Derek Eggleton, Martin Hunt and Mollie Back lost 18-16, while mat two saw Jan Obermayer, Peter Latchford, Brian Berry and Joyce Heritage win 22–19.

In Crablands’ internal leagues, the Monday competition is led by the D team, Wednesdays by Team I and Friday by the V team.


Nyetimber Gold’s visit to Ashington Owls proved a total disappointment with the hosts taking all six league points.

On mat one, Roger Knibb, Jean Leake, Barbara Crew and Shirley Syrett (skip) were 14-2 down at the half-way stage, and stayed behind to lose 24-12.

Mat two looked likely to salvage a semblance of success when they eventually took the lead on end 17. However the team of Alfie Booker, George Booker, Alan Crew and Irene Hathaway (skip) could not maintain the momentum and lost 18-17, for an overall score of 42-29.

The friendly mat looked as if it was going the same way when Gold’s Peta Watters, Brian Boiling, Michael Biggs and Geoff King (skip) were 12-3 down after eight ends. There was a remarkable turn round, however, and they won every subsequent end to finish victors by 30-12.