Arun bowlers gather for tribute to club stalwart

Action from Arun's recent match with a combined Pagham/Crablands team
Action from Arun's recent match with a combined Pagham/Crablands team

Arun indoor bowlers staged their annual Colin Knight Trophy competition in memory of a former stalwart of the club.

The result was a tense finish with the top five teams achieving maximum six points. The organisers had to choose the top three by way of shot difference and they turned out to be K Ball, A Knight and L Halls. Second were R Hobbs, B Lawson and A Giddings followed in third by M Campbell, R Cairns and B Rebbeck.

The following day an Arun team went to Hastings to play a friendly against Fallaise and they won 129-112, having won on four of the six rinks and lost on two.

Scores: J Boucher, A Boucher, E West, N Hatfield won 22-16; P Corkett, L Etherington, P Till, M Campbell won 22-20; M Keers, B Sales, M Johnson, J Keers won 29-13; J Sales, M Connolly, G Stevens, A Hunt lost 18-20; J Elliott, M Bateman, A Bateman, R Gardner won 22-19; G King, M Brand, D Wright, P White lost 16-24.

* Experience was the winner when Arun members faced the club’s long-serving 21 Club and the veterans won 153-93.

Arun won on only one rink and lost on the remaining five.

Scores (Arun names first) were: P Lacey, G Kendall, B McGovern, N Reynolds lost 9-43 to P Lichfield, R Weidenhoeft, R Hobbs, C Rolph; J Whetstone, M Millis, A Boucher, M Bird lost 15-33 to P Miles, M Menday, C Radford, W Adams; G King, E Jones, G Stevens, D Parker lost 10-28 to D Ford, P Quilter, M Phillips, C Spicer; B Lilley, P Wakeford, T Hayes, K Ball won 34-6 against J Boucher, A Humphries, B Sales, J Muffett; R Stevens, P Ward, B Sanford, J Whitfield lost 11-26 to K Hellyer, B Williams, J Greenfield, B Spicer; V Greenaway, D Cripp, D Jones, T Tack lost 14-22 to J Sales, P Phillips, B Collins, B Butler.

Arun turned to the league next but lost over five rinks to Worthing. Although they won on three of the rinks, a heavy defeat on one meant they lost on overall match points and scores.

Scores: D Jackson, N Waddock, M Bird, E Pidgeon won 17-15; G Ball, M Campbell, R Corkett, P Hannam won 17-12; P Green, K Hellyer, K Ball, T Sayers lost 20-21; P Hamnett, P Lighfield, R Hobbs, P Murphy won 23-21; L Etherington, C Spicer, G Miller, B Butler lost 10-29.

Arun recovered for the following day’s match against Petworth and beat their visitors on five of the six rinks. The overall score was 173-86.

Scores: B Connolly, B King, N Waddock, J Keers beat L Martin, M Bacon, D Mustard, C West 31-13; P Lacy, E Fitch, G King, P White lost to C Wall, M Booth, P Miles, L Corne 18-23; B Fitch, B Lilley, M Brand, E King beat S Hall, C Harkness, R Stevens, S Miles 25-15; M Keers, M Menday, B Sanford, K Ball beat J Brown, J Dorado, A Hiscock, J Palmer 38-10; L Etherington, B Williams, T Hayes, M King beat S Entichnap, K Williams, K Mitchell, M Monk 31-13; E Keywood, J Elliott, B McGovern, A Avery beat B Brydor, J Redmond, B Stanton, D Latter 30-12.


Southwater v Crablands Avocets

Avocets took their first two league points of the season against Southwater.

After nine ends, and being 11-5 down, Joan Taylor, Paul Holland, Peter Latchford and Denis Caiger made a supurb comeback for Avocets by taking a two and a four on ends ten and 11 bringing them back to level pegging.

Southwater took a one on the next end but not to be outdone, Avocets picked up a six on the 13th end and never looked back. Taking five of the remaining eight ends they eventually defeated the home team 24-17.

Fortune was not so generous on the other rink for Elaine Sadler, Celia Foot, Archie Coletta and Alan Foot. Although they held their own until the ninth end, 7-6, some accurate bowling by Southwater’s skip negated the efforts made by the Avocets’ players and they eventually floundered 28-13.

Foot said: “It’s great to get two points as we didn’t expect any this season.”

Chichester left with mountain to climb
Ladies can't get better of Barnes
Avocets v Southwater

What a difference a week can make!

In the return match against Southwater, Avocets overwhelmed the visiting team and took all six points.

Celia Foot, Jan Obermayer, George Arnold and Alan Foot, playing on mat one, never looked in doubt of being the victors after picking up five shots on the first two ends.

Another five shots on the fifth end and Southwater were demoralised, only taking seven ends in the entire game, giving Avocets a convincing 35-10 win.

The other mat, comprising Joan Taylor, Peter Latchford, Rod Shambrook and Denis Caiger, were equally powerful, leading 15-0 after six ends.

Southwater picked up a four in the ninth end and a six on the 17th but it was not enough to defeat the home team and Avocets won 25-20.

“We knew this was our best opportunity to pick up points in this division,’ said captain Foot, “and having the home advantage proved its worth. “I’m sure this confidence boost will help us achieve better results for our remaining games.”


Nyetimber Bears played their last league match against Norfolk Cubs and were delighted to take six points – a good end to the season.

Scores: U Parnell, C Sands, S Thompson, M Hopwood won 24-11; S Syrett, B Rush, B Bloiling, J Chapman won 29-12.


Donnington hosted Arundel and enjoyed a 45-20 victory.

The game was very good humoured and mat one was much closer than the result suggests.

Arundel captain John Kinnard thanked Donnington for a good match.

Scores: Ann Hulbert, Mike Beal, Colin Hulbert and skip Peter Whale beat M Beech, S Wiseman, A Emery and skip G Mills 27-7; Maggie Maggs, L Brooks, A Banham and skip T Haigh beat B Whittaker, A Oliver, M Stepney and skip J Kinnard 18-13.


Hunston lost away to Wittering then won 46-37 at Pulborough in a good, close game.

Both matches were played in the right spirt and were very enjoyable.

Scores: P Rawcliffe, R Moore, R Stevens 17-13; D Greenfield, J Stubbs, A Hack, A Harle 14-13; J Smith, T Hack, E Whiting 15-11.


Lavant Red hosted Southwater Sharks and it was a game of two halves. Mat one with Peter Winter skipping took a loss of 27-18 while Peter Whale took his team to a win of 32-5, giving an overall score of 50-32 to Lavant.

Lavant Red’s next match was against Southbourne Rangers at home. Southbourne found the green ran in their favour on both mats.

Winter’s team on mat one lost 34-13 as Southbourne had some large scores while Whale on mat two had a much tighter match which ended 20-17, giving Southbourne a 54-30 win.

Lavant Blue hosted Arundel Swallows in a league match. Jim Sharrod took his team on mat one to a win of 26-17 while on mat two, Tony Boxall’s team had a ding-dong battle and went down 19-16, leaving a score of 42-36 to Lavant.

The friendly team under Pam Beardmore’s calm magic on mat three went on to win 21-18.

Round two of the KO Plate competition was held at Lavant where the hosts’ A team hosted Midhurst Eagles. Mat one under Winter’s guidance won 20-14 while on mat two Whale and his team took a 32-9 victory, giving Lavant a 52-23 win.