Bognor darts stars pair up to claim knockout trophies

The Bognor Friday Night Benevolent League divisional pairs knockouts took place at the Newtown Social Club, attracting 41 duos.

Friday, 3rd January 2020, 3:00 pm
The division one winners

There were 14 pairs competing in division three and semi-final winners were Andy Cooper and Gary English (Old Barn), who beat brothers Mark and Ben Todd (Railway Sleepers), and Simon and Jill Mitchell (Newtown Clubbers), beating Dan Sapio and Alex Chirat (Chi Snooker Club ‘B’).

In the division three final a few misses on the finishes from both sides, including a bust of 60 in one dart from Jill Mitchell, led to Cooper hitting the double. In leg two English hit a ton and 137 on the way to taking the leg.

Leg three was close, but English hit double top, taking the leg and the match 3-0, making him and Cooper the division three champions.

Division two's trophy winners

In division two 11 teams took part. The semi-finals were won by Nick Tabberer and Wayne Green (Pagham CC ‘B’) against team mates Louis Wladon and Max Wladon and Ian Dendy and Dave Wingate (Royal Oak) against Rob Tite and Dean Ardener (Friary ‘D’).

The division two final opened with Green scoring a 180. Dendy and Wingate hit tons with their first throws, but Green hit the finish for the leg.

Leg two brought another good start from Dendy and Wingate and they made it 1-1. In the third leg two tons from Dendy could not stop Tabberer clinching the leg.

Green started leg four with a ton, and 101 from Tabberer gave him a chance with his next throw which he took to take the leg and the match 3-1, making him and Green the division two title.

The division three winners

In division one, 16 teams take part. Semi-final winners were Dave Bourne and Jamie Middleton (Little Legends), who beat Dave Owens and Richard Ragless (Friary ‘Z’), and Colin Mace and Rob Collins (Friary ‘Z’), who put out Lucann Forden and Ryan Barratt (Lamb Shankers).

Bourne won the bullseye to start the final, but a 125 from Collins put him and Middleton behind. Collins took the first leg. Leg two brought a 140 and 119 from Collins, whose double clinched the leg for a 2-0 lead.

In leg three Middleton hit two tons but a 119 from Collins and a 140 gave them the lead. Eventually Collins took the third leg and the match 3-0 result, and the division one title for him and Mace.