Double top makes Squash Club top treble

The division-two trebles winners
The division-two trebles winners

The Bognor Tuesday Double In Double Out League divisional trebles knockouts drew 21 teams.

In division one only 9 trebles teams turned up. The first semi-final saw Lee Franklin, Micky Rowland and Richard Ragless (Squash Club) beat Ricky Clark, Alex Norgett and Matt Shoebridge (Newtown SC).

The second brought a defeat for Mark Sheppard, Andy Stubbs and Pat O’Hara (Hunston Club) against Andy Whiteley, Dave Cox and Kerrie Wilks (Claremont Samba’s).

In the final’s first leg, the Squash Club’s Franklin started the leg with 60 and Samba’s were soon playing catch-up. Franklin hit single one and squeezed his last dart past the second dart into the double two to finish the leg.

The second leg saw Whiteley get double 18 straight away, but Franklin again took the lead with a 96 in-shot.

Eventually Rowland hit single 12 and double top in two darts to take the leg and match, making Franklin, Rowland & Ragless division-one trebles champions.

Division two had 12 trebles playing. Preliminary wins left two Chi Snooker teams and two BRSA Ravens teams to play each other.

Through to the first semi-final went Keith Robinson, Andy Chant and Dave Bourne (Chi Snooker) and Ben Todd, Mark H Todd and Bradley Marshall (BRSA Ravens). The Ravens took it two legs to one.

The second semi-final saw father and son Roger and Ian Hackett and Peter Mitchell (Newtown Raiders) bow out to Ben Lubbe, Adam Hall and Alex Richardson (Friary Arms).

In the final, Mark Todd nearly hit the bullseye to get first throw, but it didn’t help as he missed the in-shot. Richardson gave his team the early lead.

Steady scoring from Lubbe, Hall and Richardson saw them creep up behind the Ravens and sneak the leg.

The second leg saw Marshall finish it with 62 to level the match score for the Ravens.

In the last leg, the Ravens struggled early on as Hall hit the only ton.

Lubbe stood on the oche, hit single 14, then with two darts and 68 left, he hit single 18 leaving the bullseye which he hit almost dead centre to take the leg in style and the match 2-1, giving him, Hall and Richardson the division-two title.