Singles night is a hit for Bognor darts stars

The Bognor Friday Night Summer Darts League divisional singles knockouts took place at the Newtown Social Club. Some 56 players turn up to compete over the three divisions.

Monday, 14th October 2019, 9:00 am
Division 1 Singles KO Winner Rob Collins & Runner-up Dave Owens

In the division three semi-finals Mark H Todd (Railway Sleepers) lost to Andy Cooper (Cabin) and Ruta Perry (Lamb) beat team-mate Neil Conn.

Cooper won the bullseye to go first and after only 21 darts, with three scores over 80 and a large out-shot, the first leg was his. The second leg brought Perry a chance at 96, but after hitting the treble 20 with her first dart, the final two failed to hit the mark. Cooper stepped up and hit double three to claim the title.

In division two the semi-finals brought wins for Dave Coupland (Royal Oak) over Simon Mitchell (Newtown Clubbers) and Keith Robinson (Chi Snooker Club) over Dave Wingate (Royal Oak).

Division 2 Singles KO Winner Keith Robinson & Runner-up Dave Coupland

Robinson went first in the final and started with 60, and went on to finish in 24 darts for the first leg.

Coupland started leg two with 81, but Robinson replied with 140 and went on to win the match 2-0 and take the title.

In division one, Cliff Prior (Friary ‘Z’) lost to team-mate Rob Collins in one semi-final while Jamie Middleton (Little Legends) went out to Dave Owens (Friary ‘Z’) in other.

Owens win the bullseye to go first in the final, but Collins hit a 140 then followed it with a ton. Owens hit his own ton and followed it with 129. With 70 left he took only three darts to see off the leg after 18 darts.

Division 3 Singles KO Winner Andy Cooper & Runner-up Ruta Perry

Collins started the second leg with 140, then 125, 123 and 93, and completed a 19-dart leg.

Leg three saw Collins hitting 96, 140, 133 and 70 and finished in 15 darts, winning the match 2-1 and taking the title once again.