President's Day is hot stuff at Witterings

Soaring temperatures did little to quell the enthusiasm of the Witterings bowlers who had gathered for an afternoon of matches hosted by their president Fred Knotts.

Wednesday, 11th July 2018, 10:00 am
Updated Monday, 16th July 2018, 5:46 pm
The Witterings bowlers at President's Day / Picture by Kate Shemilt

A ‘spider’ started the event which resulted in a very generous donation for their chosen charity. The winners were Jackie Clapton, Sheila Currell and Gwilym Morgan with 27 shots and runners-up were Geoff Harsant, Glyn Dobson and Diane Leach with 24.

Both teams were presented with M&S vouchers by the president and drinks and a buffet tea were served in the clubhouse.

Witterings 70 Fishbourne 66

Scores (friendly): H Mason, C Carter, Ken Clark (s) lost 7-17; N Miller, D Leach, Stuart Hooker (s) won 27-13; M Bowell, G Mason, Gwilym Morgan (s) 12-16; A Somerville, B Barnes, Anne May (s) won 24-20.

Witterings 81 Pagham 81

A great Ws League game ended with Witterings and Pagham both on 81 shots. The teams took five points each.

Scores: B Smethurst, C Jelf, F Knotts, D Bell (s) lost 11-28; S Hooker, B Barnes, G Morgan, J Langworthy (s) lost 15-23; G Dobson, C Carter, R Stephens, K Clark (s) won 24-16; R Prior, J Hardy, EShoyer, L Bangs (s) won 31-14.

Witterings 71 Hotham 37

A convincing win for Witterings came in this first-round Holbrook Cup match.

Scores: Sue Dobson, Ken Clark & Gwilym Morgan (s) won 17-5; Diane Leach, Brian Barnes, Carole Tuffin (s) won 25-22; Julie Mulligan, Ron Prior, Lindsay Bangs (s) won 29-10.

Witterings 44 Emsworth 52

Scores (friendly): Julie Mulligan, Margaret Bowell, Anne May (s) lost 14-17; Helen Mason, Sheila Currell, Carole Tuffin (s) lost 6-19; Sue Dobson, Val Hooker, Barbara Newman (s) won 24-16.

Witterings 38 Southwick Park 37

In the Double Rink competition, a win by one shot means that Witterings will now play Burgess Hill.

Scores: Home - Marion Corbett, Susan Hogarth, Barbara Newman & Anne May (s) won 21-16; Away - Julie Mulligan, Sheila Currell, Diane Leach & Carole Tuffin (s) lost 17-21.

Witterings 65 East Preston 75

Scores (WSB League): D Gibbons, C Carter, G Dobson, K Clark (s) lost 14-16; D Holden, C Jelf, F Knotts, R Stephens (s) lost 25-21; R Prior, J Hardy, E Shoyer, L Bangs (s) won 22-15; S Hooker, B Barnes, G Morgan, J Langworthy (s) lost 14-23.


Chichester A 38 Worthing Pavilion A 39

In an exciting match in the National Club Two Fours competition Chichester A were edged out by just one shot at home to Worthing Pavilion A.

Scores: Peter Whale, Derek Leach, Tony Sayers, Mick Page (skip) won 22-18; Glyn Ball, Colin Spicer, Gary Miller, Matt Bonnar (skip) lost 21-16.

Burgess Hill B 31 Chichester 40

Chichester are in the fourth round of the Tony Allcock Trophy competition after a nine-shot win away to Burgess Hill B.

Scores: Bridget Collins, Les Etherington, Stuart Meyer, April Janman Lost 20-16; Chris Hobbs, Gary Miller, Wendy Adams, David Schofield (skip) won 24-11.

Chichester A 105 Worthing BHP 60

Chichester A recorded a 45-shot victory at home to Worthing BHP in their West Sussex League division-one game and with wins on all four rinks, Chichester took ten points.

Scores: Les Etherington, Colin Spicer, David Schofield, Jim Davis (skip) won 35-12; Peter Green, Mick Campbell, Gary Miller, Matt Bonnar (skip) won 28-17; Peter Whale, Derek Leach, Stuart Meyer, Mick Page (skip) won 23-19; Ian Linfield, Brian Butler, Nick Anderson, Simon Tooley (skip) won 19-12.

Chichester A 25 Rottingdean 16

Chichester B 27 Southgate Park 4

Both of Chichester’s teams were in action in the Edward Rowland Memorial Trophy. Their A team entertained Rottingdean and won by nine shots. Their B team were in fine form at home to Southgate Park and were 23 shots ahead when their opponents conceded. Both teams are into the third round.

Scores: A team: Ian Linfield, Colin Spicer, Brian Butler, Jim Davis (skip) won 25-16; B team: Les Etherington, Derek Leach, Stuart Meyer, Matt Bonnar (skip) won 27-4.

Chichester 97 Little Spain 60

Chichester won this friendly at home to Little Spain.

Scores: Paul Chivers, Steph Baverstock, Tony Daines (skip) won 20-15; Stephen Goddard, Frances Downing, Nigel Dearman (skip) won 19-7; Maggie Maggs, Mike Davis, Les Edmonds (skip) won 24-13; Barbara Higham, Chas Campling, Jim Davis (skip) won 20-9; Lis Campling, Bernard Money, Cole Porter (skip) lost 16-14.

Chichester 94 Stedham 50

Chichester were always ahead in their friendly at home to Stedham and secured a comfortable victory.

Scores: Jim Neilson, Innes Taylor, Mike Bayfield (skip) won 29-10; Frances Downing, John Walters, Tony Sayers (skip) won 28-9; Mercedes Neilson, John Long, Peter White (skip) won 20-12; Guy Buckle, Stuart Wilson, Peter Doust (skip) lost 19-17.

Chichester 52 Middleton 25

Chichester played Middleton in the first round of the County Double Rink, winning on both the home and away rinks. They will now play Preston in the next round.

Scores: Home: Steph Baverstock, Bridget Collins, Sue Miles & Denise Latter won 29-9; Away: Chris Hobbs, Debbie Hogg, Wendy Adams & Betty Spicer won 23-16.

Maltravers 35 Chichester 45

Chichester played a friendly at Maltravers, winning on both rinks.

Scores: Chris Hobbs, Barbara Higham, Sue Miles & Wendy Adams won 23-16; Steph Baverstock, Mary Potter, Bridget Collins & Betty Spicer won 21-19.

Pulborough 29 Chichester 31

Playing away at Pulborough in the BM Mixed League, Chichester won by just one shot on each of the two rinks which gave them all six points.

Scores: Frances Downing, Brian Butler & Mike Bayfield won 16-15; Ian Linfield, Rosemary Manning & Peter Whale won 15-14.


A club event had a close finish. Winners were Pat Osborn, Albert Humphreys, Chris Lewendon and Maggie Brand. Runners-up (one shot behind) were Alan Blyth, Mollie Back and Sue Blyth.

In the men’s national/county senior competition, Crablands men had a thrilling finish, beating Polegrove (Polegate) by one shot on the final end to go through to the semi- final. The heroes were Tony Dade, John Cornwell, Colin Marsh and Ian Ford.

The ladies’ Double Rink competition against Hurstpierpoint ladies saw mixed fortunes with Crablands away side having an excellent win but the home side couldn’t match the in-form side from Hurstpierpoint. Crablands lost overall by just seven points.

Scores: Away side: Chris Lewendon, Melva Bateman, Sheila Jones and Carol Bowles; home side: Grace Humphreys, Joan Adams, Val Foyle and Sue Blyth.

Crablands men travelled to East Preston and gained a valuable four points, losing 95-67.

Scores: Jim Tyrrell, Frank Carrie, Richard Humphrey and Derek Clacey won; Keith Palin, Peter Blackman, Colin Marsh and Ian Ford won; Cyril Pestle, Albert Humphreys, John Cornwell and Tony Dade lost; Nigel Reynolds, Lew Lewendon, Alan Blyth and Alan Bateman lost.

A Brooks Motors League game against Fishbourne away gave Crablands no points.

Both BML sides lost as did the friendly rink.

Scores: Jo Green, Chris Lewendon and Lew Lewendon lost; Keith Palin, Grace Humphreys and Mollie Back lost; Joan Taylor, Nigel Reynolds and Alan Blyth lost in the friendly.

Best of luck to Chris Lewendon, Melva Bateman, Sheila Jones and Carol Bowles in the county semi-finals at Preston (Brighton) on Saturday (County fours) and Sunday (over-55 fours).


Goring Manor 59 Southbourne 85

In the round one of the PC Cup, Southbourne were away to Goring Manor and were pleased to have good wins on three of the four rinks played, sufficient to overcome the losing score on the fourth rink. Southbourne look forward to a quarterfinal away match against Arundel.

Scores: Peter Garrard, Alan Davies, Dave Alner, Mark Soper (s) lost 21-13; Richard Galloway, Ted badger, Andy Smith, Antony Bull (s) won 23-9; Colin Bulbeck, Alex Horne, Dave Fewell, Paul Butler (s) won 20-11; Malcolm Keane, Alan Shelley, Pete Jasinski, Dave Walter (s) won 29-18.

Norfolk 40 Southbourne 26

Southbourne are going through a bad patch on their away BML matches and lost on both triples at Norfolk despite of a late spurt on the triple skipped by Malcolm Keane.

Scores: Irene Jennings, Margaret Odell, Peter Garrard (s) lost 21-12; Eileen Keane, Jim Jennings, Malcolm Keane (s) lost 19-14.

Southbourne 54 Graffham 41

Southbourne hosted Graffham in a friendly triples match. On a lovely summer’s evening Southbourne had relatively easy wins on two of the triples with enough shots to overcome the adverse score on the third triple.

Scores: John Staker, Kathy Shelley, Margaret Odell (s) won 29-7; Mo Godfrey, Ted Badger, Grahame Wilson (s) lost 22-6; Mary Thornton, Tony Budgen, Len Mates (s) won 19-12.


Bognor are out of the Midhurst Cup. They played Liphook and won by two shots away but lost at home by three so losing overall by one shot.

In the PC Cup, Bognor played East Preston. They drew on one rink and narrowly won on another but lost on two, losing overall by 70-86.

Scores: K Hellyer, P Lichfield, N Hatfield, J Whitfield 17-17; N Short, NWaddock, D Ford, R Gardner 18-19; B Daley, P Hasler, D Parker, R Robinson 16-32; D Wells, G Kendall, G Sevens, L Hall 19-18.

Bognor men’s B team played Witterings in the West Sussex league division two. They won 92-63 and scored eight points.

Scores: B Smith, B Fitch, T Gaskin, J Blacow 19-18; N Short, P Hasler, G Kendall, L Hall 27-10; B Stabler, S Webster, T Rexstrew, D Matkins 14-21; N Burchfell, R Osment, K Graham, R Robinson 32-14.

Against Arundel, Bognor B won on three rinks and won overall 77-68, scoring eight league points.

Scores: B Stabler, S Webster, T Rexstrew, B Hey 19-11; G Dunham, J Parry, P Hasler, A Hall 23-19; R Philpott, N Burchfell, K Graham, J Blacow 18-16; G Cook, D Wells, G Kendall, D Matkins 17-22.


The ladies played Storrington but lost 39-38.

Scores: M Donaldson, A Ross, A Burrell, C Mayoss won 18-12; S Read, L Crisp, J Cowley, G Conley lost 27-15.

Three mixed triples beat Hayling Island 47-46 in a friendly.

Scores: A Burrell, J Stocker, S Stocker won 25-10; D Westcott, A Ross, K Robini lost 5-18; J Burke, P Burrell, E Shine lost 17-18.

Three friendly triples took on Worthing Pavilion and won 57-32.

Scores: A Calvert, J Cowley, S Stocker won 26-4; E Terry, A Burrell, G Conley lost 11-16; A Ross, J Wells, E Shine won 20-12.

Four rinks played in the men’s league against Witterings and drew 81-81.

Scores: K Ruffell, P Burrell, R Hilder, P Mayoss lost 14-31; R Pearson, B Smith, D Vaughan, M English won 28-11; T Wells, T Plows, G Cutts, R Dear won 23-15; P Wakeford, K Robini, M Adams, T Tack lost 16-24.

Four men’s friendly rinks lost 91-40 to Norfolk.

Scores: P Langridge, J Burke, P Burrell, M Adams lost 8-30; B Calvert, D Crisp, K Robini, J Fox lost 8-27; N Terry, D Westcott, T Hayes, G Cutts lost 13-19; R Pearson, B Smith, K Ruffell, M English lost 11-15.

Two rinks in the ladies’ league versus East Preston yellows lost 45-37.

Scores: S Read, A Ross, E Shine, S Stocker lost 20-24; A Burrell, A Calvert, J Cowley, C Mayoss lost 17-19.

In the Midhurst Cup second round, four mixed triples won 119-50

Scores, home - T Plows, J Wells, M Adams won 20-19; T Wells, C Mayoss, P Mayoss won 33-15; away - H Dear, R Pearson, M English won 34-9; A Burrell, P Burrell, R Dear won 32-7.


Middleton men, playing in the West Sussex League and having suffered a defeat in their previous match, returned to winning ways when they entertained East Preston. It meant Middleton ended June top of their division, as did their mixed team playing in the second division of the Brooks Motors League.

Middleton 93 East Preston 75

Scores: Barry Denny, Ken Baker, Trevor Finch, Andrew Nurse won 25-17: Chopsie Chapman, Ian Hart, Roger Phillips, Gary Steventon lost 16-20; Terry Bridge, Jim Maher, Keith Berkley, Bob Colvin won 23-19; Jim Delaney, Peter Lush, John Graham, John Wilson won 29-19.

Middleton 8pts East Preston 2pts.

Middleton 25 Chichester 52

In the Ladies County Doubles Rink, Middleton ladies, having the previous week won their first match since gaining promotion to the first division of the GSM League, were less fortunate.

Scores - Home: Jane Nurse, Valerie Maher, Sheila Currall, Rosemary Gregory lost 16-23; Away: Pat Eccles, Linda Hills, Ann Steventon, Mary Wootten lost 9-29.

For their last get-together of the month, club members turned out to celebrate the start of Wimbledon fortnight with a cream team prepared by lady vice-captain Jane Nurse.


In the Three Counties Bowls League both the Midhurst teams found it hard going against Headley A & Bteams.

Headley A 50 (2pts) Midhurst 52 (3pts)

Midhurst A won by two shots overall although losing on two rinks.

Scores: Anne Chuter, Catherine Dixon & Paul Chuter won 27-16; Dot Berry, Malcolm Hutchings & Terry Berry lost 12-14; Bob Butterfield, Dave King & Gerald Dixon lost 18-20.

Midhurst B 40 (1pt) Headley B 57 (4pts)

Midhurst B suffered their first defeat of the season by 17 shots overall to Headley B winning only on one rink.

Scores: Phil Kingswell, Roger Brindle & Phil Wells won 19-10; Alan Rickets, Delphine Clark & Richard Softley lost 11-26; Colin Downham, Sue Ralph & Roy Ralph lost 10-21.

Midhurst entertained local rivals Stedham in a friendly and won by 15 shots overall.

Scores: Michael DJ Smith, Colin Langridge & John Allen lost 14-17; Jack Jarado, Margerie Hayward & Terry Berry won 23-11; Sue Ralph, Howard Seymour & Roy Ralph won 26-20.

Petersfield 51 Midhurst 49

Midhurst visited Petersfield and narrowly lost by three shots.

Scores: Sue Ralph, Anne Chuter & Gerald Dixon lost 8-23; Delphine Clark, Roy Ralph & Paul Chuter lost 16-24; Dot Berry, Richard Softley & Terry Berry won 25-4.


Petworth enjoyed another good match in the Brooks Motors League, with a 5-1 and 42-39 win over Pagham.

Scores: Carol Hall, Stan Enticknap and Bob Turner won 17-9; Carol Reed, Barry Stanton and Selwyn Hall drew 13-13; (friendly) Jim Dormer, Les Martin and John Steel lost 12-17.



Arun IBC played a friendly indoor match between their gentleman and ladies – with the gents winning 124-100.

Scores: M Millis, K Grout, L Pepper, A Boucher 17-21; M Bird, G King, N Griffiths, C Gilham 21-20; B Cairns, B Lilley, P Hannam, G Finch 27-18; J Ayling, C Evis, D Jones, A Fisk 20-18; A Murrell, E West, J Greenfield, E King 21-10 (top rink); B Heal, J Sparrow, B Gurden, J Brazier 18-13.

The match was followed by an excellent meal.

Leagues, competitions, roll-ups and social events continue at the club in Nyewood Lane. People are welcome to pop in to see what is going on.