Rain is a pain for Bognor ... home is a comfort for Middleton

There are reports from Bognor, Wittering, Middleton and Fittleworth in our latest bowls round-up.

Saturday, 16th July 2011, 8:49 am
Updated Thursday, 7th June 2018, 7:54 pm


Chichester B 79 Bognor B 59

Bognor travelled to Chichester for a rain-soaked LG League division-three match. Bognor squelched off the green, losing all four rinks, giving all ten points to Chichester.

Scores: A Oliver, A Harrison, P Dale, P Phillips lost 20-13; R Bobbett, T Love, G Verrinder, J Blacow lost 19-16; N Burchfell, G Dunham, T Mussell, D Purse lost 19-10; K Taylor, D Dalton, S Soames, J Parry lost 21-20.

Norfolk A 82 Bognor A 74

Bognor A travelled to face Norfolk A for an LG League division-one match.

The rinks were shared two each but the total shot score favoured Norfolk. Norfolk took six points to Bognor’s four.

Scores: K Taylor, P Lilford, P Phillips, T Gaskin lost 27-19; R Lincoln, J Weatherall, J Christensen,

A Richardson lost 26-12; D Parker, N Waddock, J Whitfield, J Roots won 23-19; D Jackson, T Rexstrew,

D Ford, R Gardner won 18-17.

Bognor 78 Tarring Priory 73

This LG League division-one match was very close with Bognor taking two rinks and the other two drawn, giving Bognor eight of the ten total points up for grabs.

Scores: K Hellyer, J Weatherall, J Whitfield, T Gaskin won 17-15; T Moore, A Hall, J Christensen, A Richardson drew 18-18; D Parker, N Wddock, B Sanford, J Roots won 26-23; D Jackson, T Rexstrew, D Ford, R Gardner drew 17-17.

Crablands 126 Bognor 77

A friendly trip to Crablands resulted in a rather embarrassing scoreline for Bognor.

Scores: G Dunham, A Harrison, T Rexstre, J Parry lost 25-14; D Jackson, N Burchfell, N Waddock, D Ford won 25-21; A Knight, D Parker, J Cristensen, R Gardner lost 18-12; P Bishop, R Bobbett, A Oliver, D Purse lost 41-7; R Lincoln, J Smith, A Hall, P Dale lost 21-19.


Uckfield 21 Witterings Ladies 12

In the third round of the Gladys Rowlands competition, Witterings’ team of Val Hooker, Ros Hanbury, Carole Tuffin and Peg Lillywhite (skip) lost – but deserve a big ‘well done’ on reaching this stage.

Witterings v Wyrral Park tourists

Witterings entertained touring side Wyrral Park Bowls Club and everyone enjoyed a wonderful afternoon’s bowling in bright sun. With a full six rinks playing, the visitors won 4-2.

Hayling Island Ladies 61 Witterings Ladies 90

Witterings played in a four-triples friendly at Hayling Island and notched a great win.

Scores: M Mulligan, J Derkatsch & C Horsley (s) won 34-10; D Leach, J Mulligan & M Aylward (s) won 25-10;

J Edwards, R Hanbury & C Tuffin (s) drew 16-16; J Bangs, B Newman & P Lillywhite (s) lost 25-15.

Tarring Priory B 74 Witterings 71

In a Littlehampton Gazette League match at Tarring Priory, Witterings men won on one rink but lost on three. Witterings gained two points.

Their winning rink comprised J Hardy, T Mulligan, L Bangs & J Langworthy (s) who won 29-8.


Middleton 38 Bognor 26

In the Brooks Motors League at home to Bognor, Middleton won on both rinks to take all six points.

Scores: J Oldridge, D Gower, J Wilson won 17-9; A Nurse, J Gower, J Graham won 31-17.

Middleton 43 RAFA 36

At home to RAFA, Middleton scored one shot on ribk four to finish level at 19-19 and won on the other rink to take five points.

In the friendly, Middleton won by a score of 40-34.

Scores: R Gregory, I Smith, G Smith drew 19-19; M Wootton, J Graham, J Wilson won 24-17; D Jenkins, Bravington, K Jenkins won 25-11; L Lush, A Chandler, J Garhard lost 23-15.

In the C&M League away to Maltravers, the ladies won 37-30 to take five points. The friendly rink was lost 38-11.

Scores: D Jenkins, P Hollingsworth, I Smith, M Wootton drew 19-19; P Eccles, J Oldridge, R Gregory, J Gower won 18-11; C Graham, L Lush, T Galloway, J Mathieson lost 38-11.

Maltravers 64 Middleton 63

In a four-rink triples friendly at Maltravers, Middleton lost by one shot.

Scores: R Payne, D Gower, J Wilson lost 16-15; J Garhard, G Addicott, N Robertson lost 18-11; M Langridge, A Nurse, G Smith won 25-12; C Pratt, K Jenkins, J Graham lost 18-12.

Middleton 69 Pagham 69

Middleton left it late at home to Pagham in the LG League.

They scored 11 shots on the 21st end to draw and a take and equal share of the ten points.

Scores: S Jackson, K Jenkins, A Nurse, B Murray lost 16-13; C Pratt, D Gower, J Graham, J Wilson won 18-14; R Wootton, B Bravington, K Baker, G Smith lost 23-15; J Garhead, N Robertson, T Finch, M Feneley won 23-16.

In a triples friendly away to Worthing B, Middleton lost 74-63. Scores: L Oldridge, N Robertson, J Wilson drew 16-16; S Jackson, K Jenkins, K Baker lost 25-14; C Pratt, G Steventon,

M Feneley lost 14-12; M Langridge, A Nurse, J Graham lost 19-11.

In the C&M Trophies League at home to Aldingbourne in a rain-affected match, Middleton won 33-17 to take all six points.

Scores: L Lush, J Oldridge, R Gregory, J Gower 15-8; D Jenkins, T Galloway, P Hollingsworth, I Smith 18-9.

Away to Wittering in the C&M League, Middleton won 47-24, taking all six points.

Scores: L Hills, M Bravington, J Oldridge, J Gower 24-14; D Jenkins, T Gallaway, I Smith, M Wootten 23-10.


A visit from Graffham resulted in a five-shot defeat for Fittleworth.

Scores: M Ryan, P Gilpin, S Judd won 14-10; M Cook, M Gander, G Barnfield lost 17-10; M Wood, P Cook, A Jordan lost 16-14.


Div 1: Middleton (6pts) 33 Aldingbourne 17 (I Smith 18 J Hamilton 9; J Gower 15 J Whetstone 8); Maltravers (4pts) 39 Chichester (2pts) 38 (B Butcher 21 A Janman 27; F Steele 18 W Adams 11); Witterings 24 Middleton (6pts) 47 (C Horsley 10 M Wootten 23; C Tuffin 14 J Gower 24).

Div 2: Arundel (4pts) 39 Lancing (2pts) 30 (M Wallinger 23 L Hooker 13; A Olliver 16 L Gray 17); Storrington (5pts) 35 Arundel (2pts) 34 (J Ackerman 17 A Olliver 17; S White 18 M Wallinger 17).