Killpartrick's parting message to Rocks fans

Darin Killpartrick has written a message to Rocks fans after calling time on 18 years as coach and player and nearly 1,000 games

Thursday, 10th May 2018, 9:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 12:31 am
Darin Killpartrick has left Nyewood Lane / Picture by Tommy McMillan

This year has been an immensely challenging time for everyone involved at the club. As I have always reminded our players, in football the lows can seem to outnumber the highs and therefore it is essential to enjoy the highs when they come along.

The standard of football in the National League South has demonstrated how difficult it has been for us. After 42 games the league positions do not lie simply exposing ‘where your club deserves to finish’. Having a young team, where only a few of our players have played at this level before, has been a very steep learning curve for everyone, especially Jack and me.

Injuries have hit us hard this year and losing some good young players for the season has added to the difficulties we have experienced. From a psychological point of view, those affected have lost a year with this influencing their ability to add to their library of ‘game understanding’ at this excellent level, however unfortunately that is football.

It is important that everyone ‘self-reflects’ as this is an important factor within the learning process. Throughout the past year, we have tried to be honest with each other and reflect on our mistakes as a team and thereby accelerate the learning within the limited time we have had with the players.

Jack has been subject to some heavy criticism of late. Whether at times he has been right or wrong with some of his decisions, he still has employed me, the backroom staff and the players and put his faith in us all. As a collective group, we all need to take some responsibility for this year and not just Jack.

Those that know me well enough will know I will be more than critical reviewing my own work and the decisions I have made throughout this season and then critically analyse where and what I could have done better. The group as a whole will also need to review this process in order to improve and move on as a team.

Can I once again thank everyone for the kind messages, letters, flowers and phone calls since I announced I was leaving. I have been overwhelmed by people’s comments and texts and I am extremely grateful for the support they have shown me over the years.

Finally, I would like to say what a pleasure it has been to be involved in the coaching, playing and managing at this great club over the past 18 years and some 1,000 games – this is something I am extremely proud of.

I have relished the rollercoaster of ‘football emotions’ and what it has brought to my life, and hopefully I have left the club in a better place than when I first took over.


Love always, Dabba