Top trebles pick up Bognor darts silverware

The Bognor Friday Night Benevolent League divisional trebles knockouts took place at the Newtown Social Club. A total of 24 teams took part, the smallest turnout in seven years.

Monday, 11th December 2017, 8:00 am
Updated Friday, 8th June 2018, 2:04 am
The division-one trebles winners

In division three John Stephenson, Pauline Waller & Stuart Turner (ASC) lost to Des Ling, Debbie Ling & Glo Greene (BRSA Jokers) in the first semi-final.

In the second the Middleton family, Steve, Dan and Jamie (Newtown ‘C’) beat Lucann Forden, Wayne Green & Ryan Barrett (Pagham CC).

The final saw the BRSA trio win the bullseye, but Steve Middleton hit double eight to secure the first leg. The second leg swung both ways before Dan Middleton stepped up and with his first dart hit double one for the leg and the match, making them champions.

Division two’s first semi-final saw Martin Grainger, Dave Coupland and Gary Harwood (Royal Oak) go out to Richard Pennells, Stuart Gray and Paul Bizzell (QE2 Galleon).

Semi-final two saw Ben Todd, Mick Isles and Mark H Todd (BRSA Ravens) lose to Karl Wingate, Dave Wingate and James Riggs (Friary ‘D’).

The final saw the Friary trio win the bullseye, and Riggs hit double eight with his second dart to take the leg.

Once again the Friary trio took the lead in the second leg, and eventually all Wingate needed was one dart to hit double 18, taking the leg, and making his team champions.

Division one’s first semi-final saw a fight between team-mates with Wayne Wadsworth, Rob Collins and his son Billy Collins beat Colin Mace, Lee Franklin and Richard Ragless (Friary ‘Z’).

The second semi-final saw Rob Allen, Dave Bourne and Larry Chant (Aldwick Legion) bow out to Graham Clear and Rick Cousins (Hunston Hares) and their partner Alex Norgett (Newtown Amity).

The final saw the Friary boys win first darts, and Rob Collins stepped up and hit the double 16 with the first dart for the first leg.

The second leg saw some steady scores from Clear, Cousins and Norgett, but with two tons from Rob Collins, and another ton from his son Billy, the Friary team took the lead.

With all players having a shot at the double, eventually it was Wadsworth who hit double seven with his first dart to take the division-one trebles champions title.

Tuesday Double-In Double-Out League

Week 13’s best game was played by Cliff Prior (QE2) with 21 and 21 darts and a 23.86 average.

Results - Div 1 - QE2 14 Friary Arms 8; The Legends 14 The Hoffs 7; Old Barn Owls 9 Neptune 13. Div 2 - Wheatsheaf 9 BRSA 15; Pier Bar 17 Richmond Arms 5; The Hoffmeisters 9 Cabin Cruisers 12; Hunston Club 13 Chi Snooker Club 10.

Other stats - Div 1 - player of match - Cliff Prior (QE2) 21 & 21 darts [23.86 av]; Gary Blackwood (the Legends) 22 & 24 darts [22.36 av] - 2nd leg 72 left in 18 darts. 180s - Wayne Wadsworth (QE2); Courtney Wilson (the Legends); Tom Cripps (Neptune). High in shots - Gary Blackwood (the Legends) 160 (2); Nick Green (Neptune) 160; Cliff Prior (QE2) 130; Adam Judd (Friary Arms) 120; Graeme Dutton (Friary Arms) 116 & 101; Richard Pennells (the Hoffs) 116; Dave Bourne (Friary Arms) 112; Paul Bizzell (The Hoffs) 105; Ben Marley (The Legends) 102; Peter Lagden (Neptune) 101 & 100; Richard Ragless (QE2) 101; Micky Rowland (the Legends) 100. High out shots - Nick Spicer (QE2) 116; Micky Rowland (The Legends) 110. Whitewash legs - Jake Perry (Friary Arms) whitewashed in 21 darts by Cliff Prior (QE2). Div 2 - player of match - Alex Norgett (Chi Snooker Club) 21 & 21 darts [21.48 av] - 1st leg 85 left in 24 darts; Lee Passey (BRSA) 22 & 25 darts [21.32 av]; Rob Palmer (Cabin Cruisers) 23 & 27 darts [19.00 av]; Dougal Powell (Pier Bar) 24 & 26 darts [20.12 av]. High in shots - Rob Misselbrook (Hunston Club) 122; Keith Robinson (Chi Snooker Club) 120; Glen Scott (BRSA) 116; Lee Passey (BRSA) 115 & 100; Alex Norgett (Chi Snooker Club) 102. High out shots - Andy Cooper (Cabin Cruisers) 117; Lee Passey (BRSA) 114; Alex Norgett (Chi Snooker Club) 108.