Charlie Landsborough plays Worthing on farewell tour

If you want to catch Charlie Landsborough live in concert, you’ve got just the one chance left as he embarks on his farewell tour of Britain.

Friday, 26th April 2019, 9:03 am
Charlie Landsborough

He will be taking in Worthing’s Connaught Theatre on April 27 – for one final time.

Charlie admits it is going to be a wrench, but it feels like very much the right decision.

“I would like to bow out while I am still able to do it reasonably well,” Charlie laughs. “I have seen greater artists than me that have carried on for just too long. I want to stop while I am still able to sing and still able to play.

“I suppose it was just a gradual realisation that I am getting on a bit. You have only got to look at a picture to realise that’s true! I thought to myself that it was about time to bow out gracefully. But I will still record. I couldn’t just cut the lifeblood off completely.”

For Charlie, touring started in 1995 after he had his break: “I remember thinking that if this lasted for six months, then it would be great. I am just thankful that it has lasted rather more than that!

“I was 53 when I got the break, and that was something pretty remarkable in itself. My cousin said to me there are a lot of people in the business that are still going that are a lot older than me, but they had actually started when they were very young. To get the break at 53 was pretty unusual.”

Did it mean that Charlie was more able to cope with the success, being more mature?

“I don’t think I have ever been mature, to be honest. And I am not the most confident person in the world either. I used to feel under great pressure. I remember my first night in Dublin. It was sold out. The place was full of people, and I was at the front and the band were a few yards behind me in darkness. I came off the stage shaking at the end, shaking with the relief of it all and the euphoria.

“I got through the first few years on booze, not drinking a huge amount, but I drank a little bit more than I should have done just to calm me down. I was very nervous, and I am still not the most confident person, but I am better now. Before touring, I would be worrying about this and worrying about that, but now I am much more relaxed. I am surrounded by smashing people. I am meeting people that I know and I am going back to places that I know.

“Some well-known star said that it took him 15 years to relax on stage, and it took me about that long. But I do think it is timely now, and I am actually very excited about it, even though I will miss touring tremendously. I am thinking what am I going to do. I am not going to vegetate. I will take up some more art. I will go to night school. I will get more involved in the church.”

And yes, he will continue to record, though not necessarily more: “Sometimes I have released an album because it has been pushed upon me, but now I can just put an album out when I have got the material that qualifies for it.”

Known for his major successes such as My Forever Friend, Colour of the Wind and I Will Love You All My Life, Charlie’s final tour will encompass all genres of music from his ballads to Folk, blues, rock ‘n’ roll, pop and gospel.”