Fiona Lygo, Eleanor McKnight and Georgia Hart exhibiting in Chichester’s Oxmarket Gallery

Fiona Lygo is exhibiting alongside Eleanor McKnight and Georgia Hart in Chichester’s Oxmarket Gallery from December 3-22.

Monday, 9th December 2019, 10:58 am

“My paintings are bold and bright abstract art in acrylics and I also paint landscapes in oil,” Fiona says.

“With three different artists painting in different disciplines, from abstract to seascapes and landscapes the exhibition will hopefully hold wide appeal to a broad audience of art lovers.

“Having successfully sold my art online I look forward to the opportunity to exhibit my work in a respected gallery with the opportunity this brings to curate my paintings and work alongside fellow artists.

“My childhood involved a lot of worldwide travel and many different schools. Art was always my strong subject. However I did not rdiscover my love of painting until many years later.

“My life experiences have contributed to my style and expression via my paintings.

“Having lived in Surrey for 18 years raising my family, I moved to Totnes in Devon in 2010 where my passion for painting was rekindled. I absorbed the beauty and freedom of the landscape and the bohemian acceptance of the individual which is key to my style of painting.

“Living near Dartmoor I would walk my four dogs every day and saw inspiration in the rugged landscapes and boldness of nature to encourage me to paint bigger and bolder canvasses.

“Gradually I was asked by friends to paint commissions as they saw the inspiration of the positive energy and wellbeing that my surroundings offered.

“Alongside my regeneration through art I fulfilled a lifelong ambition to begin to foster dogs in need of a new start in their lives, just as I had needed! And so my connection with Many Tears Rescue Centre blossomed, fostering dogs who had been ex-breeding dogs with little freedom other than producing litters for profit in poor conditions.

“Moving back to Godalming in 2016 my beautiful art studio in the heart of the Surrey Hills continues to provide inspiration for my art. Walking my many dogs (four of my own and plus the passing joy of fostering and rehoming dogs) daily I capture the changing seasons by photograph and translate these fantastic images into abstract acrylics and oil landscapes.”