James Bond night coming up in Worthing

Worthing will welcome the new James Bond film No Time To Die with a James Bond-themed night at Coast, Beach Parade, BN11 2FG on Saturday, October 2 from 8pm-1am.

Tuesday, 28th September 2021, 7:05 am
Keith Cox

Keith Cox, who is organising the event, confirmed that tickets are on sale through the Eventbright website at £15.

“The majority of the attendees will be staff from Worthing Hospital where I myself am an employee, but it is an event that is also open to the general public.”

Keith has secured permission from Worthing Borough Council to park on the beach an Aston Martin V8 identical to one that is driven by Daniel Craig in the new movie.

“What we did originally for Coast is that we provide video projections for their events when they have themed events. We would project imagery onto all the walls to create atmosphere.

“But I am also a big James Bond nerd and when the movie was due to come out in April last year, I had said to them would they be interested in doing a James Bond party in there because there would be a lot of hype around the film.”

Plenty of delays later and it is finally happening.

“I will be playing all the music from all the James Bond movies but as dance-floor mixes and a few rock covers. It is taking all the wonderful music from all the movies but putting it into a club environment, more of a night-club experience. And because we do the video projections, we will have all the James Bond imagery on the walls. It will be like a James Bond disco really or like a James Bond rave.

“We are going to have 150 people maximum. It can take more there. But we are asking people to dress up. We want the guys to dress up smartly and the ladies to be glamorous so we are placing the capacity a little bit lower so that everybody has the space to be dressed up nicely.

“Upstairs we are going to have a fun money casino. It is big enough for us to do that. There is a casino company that hires itself out to do black jack and roulette, and they will have two croupiers.

“It will be fun money. Nobody can lose any money. There is no actual real gambling.

“People will be given fun money by the casino and at the end of the evening the final winner on black jack and the final winner on roulette will be given a bottle of champagne.”

As for being a James Bond nerd, Keith explains: “I am 49. I am that generation of boys and girls that were taken by their parents to see James Bond. I was completely captivated by The Spy Who Loved Me, by Live And Let Die, by all those Roger Moore movies, and I have been a fan ever since. It’s the glamour and the action and the excitement. It’s the opulence.

“What makes James Bond stand out from the other action movies and what makes it endure is that element of wish fulfilment fantasy, that alpha male that drives around in beautiful cars surrounded by glamorous women…”