ARUNDEL FESTIVAL REVIEW: Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks, Jailhouse.

This week’s play at Arundel Jailhouse saw Collin Baxter and Anah Ruddin perfectly in step with a highly-amusing yet extremely poignant drama.

Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks is a feast of sharp, witty dialogue, beautifully delivered and moving seamlessly back and forth between comedy and tragedy as personal secrets and fears surface.

Collin puts in a superb performance as the wisecracking but vulnerable dancing instructor.

His elderly pupil, played by Anah, is exquisitely elegant as the widow determined not to be bowed down by her advancing years.

In the first of their private dancing lessons, they get off very much on the wrong foot, but even with a wealth of other misunderstandings along the way, their relationship gradually blossoms into a close and meaningful relationship.

The intimate setting of the Jailhouse is ideal for this kind of drama and the audience were kept on their toes throughout by the quickfire exchanges and swings of mood.

The play is thought-provoking but with plenty of laugh-out-loud lines, delivered by two very talented performers who share tremendous rapport ande chemistry.

Jo Rothery