Comedy magic at the Fringe

Brighton’s Ed Summers slips into his alter ego Seska to bring his comedy magic to the Brighton Fringe.

Ed will be in action at 4pm every Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday in May at The Blue Man – and all because of a back injury.

“I was a musician for years, a community musician. I have delivered more than 120 arts projects,” Ed says. “I was mainly working with young offenders. I felt than I wanted to do something slightly light-hearted, and then two years ago I had an accident. I damaged a disc, and I was in bed for four months.

“During that time I started learning basic tricks off YouTube. I was always a bit of a joker. I have compered lots of shows in Brighton and at lots of different places, so really it just all happened at the right time for me, and the tricks were interesting.”

And so he emerged as a different kind of performer, slipping into the persona of Seska.

“He is a character that comes from a lesser-known eastern European country, called Izbekistan where he was a lion tamer. He bit one of the lions and got in trouble with the circus, so he ran away and started up his own company.

“He is very friendly to everyone. He will help anyone, but he has got difficulty with the English language which leads to some hilarity in situations where there might be mixed messages in what he says!

“I think unfortunately there are some comparisons with Borat, but I have really not angled it at that at all. I wanted to try to find a character I thought I could play as eastern European and have fun with the idea of broken English.

“The style of the magic is chaotic, slapstick. It relies heavily on volunteers and audience participation. I often make my audience the starts of the show. There is one trick where they either win a lollipop or eat a lemon. There are games of chance.”

This is Ed’s first time at the Brighton Fringe, though he has other fringe experience which he is now hoping to expand.