DVD Review: Carjacked (15), (86 mins), new on DVD from Blockbuster.

Carjacked is a fine example of the single-vulnerable-mum-fights-back genre, a decent thriller which has you rooting for the underdog.

Having recently separated from her abusive ex-husband, Lorraine (Maria Bello) is driving home with her young son Chad (Connor Hill) when she pulls into a gas station to grab a quick dinner.

When she gets back to her car, Roy (Stephen Dorff) has climbed in the back, brandishing a gun and demanding she drive him where he wants. Just when life seemingly couldn’t get any worse for poor, penniless Lorraine, she suddenly ends up as the getaway driver for a nutcase bank robber.

As they drive through the night, much of the focus is on the uneasy relationship that builds between them, both revealing aspects of their past but always with the feeling that Lorraine, increasingly resourceful, is buying herself time.

When it comes to it, Roy soon discovers he’s picked the wrong woman if he wants an easy trip; she’s a tiger mum ferociously protective of little Chad – presumably as an atonement for the daft name she gave him.

Lorraine easily outwits Roy, which is when his natural nastiness comes tumbling out in a fight to the death. Always at the end of it are the proceeds from the bank job…

Carjacked isn’t a film that’s going to linger long in the memory, but it’s entertaining enough – an effective thriller which is strong on involvement and well acted throughout.

Phil Hewitt

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