DVD review: Gone (15), (95 min), new on DVD from Blockbuster.

Amanda Seyfried’s problem is that seemingly she’s a girl with form.

The police didn’t believe her for a moment a year before when she turned up muddied and dishevelled with a wild tale of being abducted and shoved down a hole in the forest amid the rotting remains of other women.

And now they really, really don’t believe her when she tells them that her sister Molly (Emily Wickersham) has similarly disappeared.

Jill (Seyfried) is convinced that her sister will be murdered when darkness falls. The police roll their eyes in a “we’ve got a right one here” kind of way. Jill’s only option is to do what the police refuse to do – go out and find their man.

But when it emerges that Jill has got a gun, the police decide that the real danger is coming from Jill.

It’s the neatest of twists when the pace hots up: it might actually be the police who prevent her from saving Molly. And on that basis, it’s a highly-watchable film, tautly done and certainly not outstaying its welcome.

But it’s best not to think about it afterwards.

The police’s absolute refusal to help is more and more implausible the more you ponder it; worse still, there’s the episode of the phone number. Better not give the plot away, but surely there’s no way a certain someone could have relied on the number being given to Jill in the way it is actually given.

But maybe it’s best just to go with the flow on this one.

Phil Hewitt

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