DVD Review: The Tunnel (15), (90 mins) new on DVD.

Persuasively presented as a documentary after the event, The Tunnel pulls together the pieces of a supposed trip down into a lost world of abandoned tunnels under the city of Sydney.

When the New South Wales Government gives no reason for suddenly dropping plans to tap into a huge underground lake, investigative journalist Natasha Warner suspects a massive cover-up and decides to find out for herself just why they backed out.

The answers are fairly horrible.

Warner gathers together a little team; they jump the security and wander down into the bowels of the city. It’s not long before they find blood…

The Blair Witch Project-style hand-held camera technique gives the whole thing an edge. Interviews with the surviving members of the team frame the film clips to good effect – so much so that you almost start to wonder whether it really did happen.

But if you are expecting Blair Witch Project-style thrills, then to an extent the film disappoints. It isn’t nearly as scary as you’d hope – possibly because the whole set up makes it fairly obvious just who comes out alive and who doesn’t. See who’s missing from the interviews.

The other problem is that whatever it is that’s lurking under Sydney remains so ill-defined that the film ends up vague rather than intriguing.

But even if the whole thing doesn’t quite come off, there’s no denying that it’s an intriguing premise.

The cast includes Steve Davis and Andy Rodorada.

Phil Hewitt