FILM: 12 in a Box (12A)

First screened in 2009, John McKenzie’s low-budget comedy finally gets a theatrical release in the UK in selected cinemas.

A group of school friends reunite in a remote country mansion for a lavish dinner, thrown by a rich member of their old class who has plenty of money but no real friends.

The host tops off the celebrations by announcing to the 12 attendees that they will each receive £1 million if they agree to stay on the estate, separated from the outside world, for 96 hours.

Barry (Kenneth Collard) agrees to miss his wedding to collect the loot, while deeply religious Alice (Belle Hithersay), bumbling Alan (Robert Cargill) and chatterbox Rachel (Miranda Hart) follow suit, dreaming of the riches to come.

But they quickly realise that a simple task of staying together for just 96 hours is far more difficult than they thought.

Released: March 25 (UK, selected cinemas) 96 mins