FILM: African Cats (U)

Sir Patrick Stewart narrates this nature documentary following the exploits of two families of big cats, who live and hunt side by side on the African savannah.

The plains of the Masai Mara are ruled by two lion prides.

In the north, Kali is the proverbial king of the jungle but he wants to extend his territory south of the crocodile-infected river, where ageing lion Fang is the alpha male, presiding over his lionesses, which include Layla and her six month-old cub Mara.

While a power struggle plays out between the two dominant males, a cheetah called Sita, who also lives to the north, cares for her five newborn cubs, protecting them as best she can from the elements and voracious predators including a pack of hyenas.

Released: April 27 (UK, selected cinemas), 89 mins