FILM: Powder (15)

Filmed on location in Ibiza, Liverpool, London and live at the V Festival, Powder charts the rise of an exciting new band, based on the best-selling satire of the music industry by Kevin Sampson.

Keva McLuskey (Liam Boyle) feels deep down that he is destined for greatness as a songwriter and he forms the Liverpool band The Grams with fame- and girl-hungry Jamie Love (Oliver Lee), who is only interested in the groupies and excess.

Long-suffering manager Wheezer (Alfie Allen) struggles night and day to keep the band together so when The Grams are signed to the record label of Guy deBurret (Jefferson Hall), Wheezer hopes it is the answer to his prayers.

He soon discovers that breaking through in the music business can seriously damage your mental health.

Released: August 26 (UK, selected cinemas), 105 mins