FILM REVIEW: Shark Night 3D

IT’S definitely not safe to go back into the water in David R Ellis’s bloodthirsty action-horror.

Sara (Sara Paxton) and her six college pals Beth (Katharine McPhee), Blake (Chris Zylka), Gordon (Joel David Moore), Malik (Sinqua Walls), Maya (Alyssa Diaz) and Nick (Dustin Milligan) head to a private lake to spend a relaxing weekend at Sara’s family vacation home.

While some of the students sunbathe and flirt, Blake, Malik, Maya and Nick go water-skiing and tragedy strikes.

A shark attacks Malik, completely ripping off his arm.

Medical student Nick races into action, putting the arm on ice and stabilising his friend. Confused why a shark would be at large in the saltwater lake, the undergraduates discover they have no cell phone reception so have no way to call for help.

Stranded on the island with the voracious shark circling them, Sara and her pals must make terrifying choices if some of them are to make it back to the mainland in one piece.

(15, 90 mins)

Released: September 30 (UK & Ireland)