FILM REVIEW: The Light Thief

FOLLOWING the end of the Soviet Union, the tiny, land-locked state of Kyrgyzstan declared its independence.

The subsequent pressures faced by the people of this nation are elegantly illustrated in this drama directed, starring and co-written by Aktan Arym Kubat.

Svet-Ake (Kubat) is the electrician in an impoverished village and every day he risks electrocution and his life to steal power from the national grid.

He is popular with friends and neighbours and Svet-Ake is a focal point for village life as the world around Kyrgyzstan changes at frightening speed.

Wealthy businessman Bezkat (Askat Sulaimanov) enlists the help of Svet-Ake to modernise the village so the country keeps in step with its neighbours.

New mayor Mansur (Stanbek Toichubaev) throws his support behind the scheme but the electrician discovers that Bezkat’s plan will have severe repercussions.

Released: July 29 (UK, selected cinemas) (15, 79 mins)