FILM: The House I Live In (TBC)

Documentary film-maker Eugene Jarecki (Why We Fight, Freakonomics) explores America’s war on drugs through the eyes of people on both sides of the law.

For more than 40 years, the US has been struggling to control the flow of narcotics through its borders and on to the streets, resulting in more than 45 million arrests and a swollen jail population.

For all of those tough measures, drugs are cheaper and more readily available today than ever before.

Jarecki visits various states to chronicle heart-breaking stories of loss and sacrifice from people caught up in this invisible war, including drug enforcement officers, politicians, federal judges, dealers, prison inmates and grieving relatives.

Through these moving testimonies, this award-winning feature exposes shortcomings in America’s approach to drugs, which has destroyed families and impacted negatively on the prospects of future generations.

Released: November 23 (selected cinemas), 108 mins