Help Haslemere Museum really celebrate its 124th birthday

HASLEMERE Natural History Society, which is now 124 years old, will be looking back, forward and all around in a display about its people and activities, past and present, at Haslemere Educational Museum until February 25.

Treasures from the museum and society collections will be on view and will include photographs of eminent local personalities as well as snippets about events from the past and its scientific work.

There will also be displays about its current activities – the colourful website and newsletter, indoor talks and field meetings – showing how the society helps local people to see and learn about their wildlife heritage.

And there may be a peep into the future including the forthcoming talks at the end of the winter season.

‘Plant Hunting for Kew in Zimbabwe’ is on Saturday, the day the exhibition opens.

Susan Holmes is a botanist specialising in particular plants of tropical Africa. She will describe how, in 1988 and 1994, she explored Zimbabwe, finding many of her plants in full flower.

Her travels took her north of Harare to the Zambezi Valley and the chrome-rich hills of the Great Dyke, then east to the lovely Chimanimani Mountains, and south to the drier bushland of the Sabi Valley.

All indoor meetings take place at Haslemere Museum.

They start at 2.15pm and non-members are welcome and are invited to donate £3 for their visit.

Membership of Haslemere Natural History Society is open to everyone.

An application form can be downloaded from the website or obtained in person from the museum.