Lecture on Petworth Society Magazine to celebrate 150th issue

The “presiding spirit” of George Garland will be remembered in a lecture about the popular Petworth Society Magazine.

One of three in a series of lectures will address the upcoming 150th issue of the magazine.

The lectures are part of the 21st annual George Garland Memorial Lecture, one on the magazine, another on two Petworth murders, and a third on Petworth fair.

Chairman of the Petworth Society, Peter Jerome said the Garland lectures address topics that may have been of interest to the photographer.

He said: “Although George Garland died in 1978 when this magazine was in it’s infancy, I see him as a presiding spirit. The issues so far form a continuation of his photographic legacy.”

The lecture will celebrate the upcoming 150th edition of the popular magazine, which distributes over 600 copies an issue.

Mr Jerome said: “I will talk about how the magazine has evolved, and I am sure Garland, who was interested in the magazine in it’s early stages, would have been very pleased with it as it is now.”

The talk will begin at Leconfield Hall at 7.30pm on October 25, and Mr Jerome said: “Austen’s Home Hardware have kindly offered to pay the expenses for the hall so we will only charge £1 on the door for refreshments.”

For queries on the magazine or the upcoming lectures, call Mr Jerome on 01798 342562.