Ruth Stein School of Dance – Peter Pan

Ruth Stein School of Dance pupils in Peter Pan
Ruth Stein School of Dance pupils in Peter Pan

DANCE pupils brought a classic children’s tale to life in their latest production.

Youngsters at the Ruth Stein School of Dance burst onto Westbourne House’s state-of-the-art stage to give a memorable performance of Peter Pan.

“Ranging in age from three to 19, the 80 children, both boys and girls, all demonstrated the ability to engage the audience as they retold the story in ballet, tap and contemporary styles,” said Elaine Monery, who sent a review to the Observer.

“It was delightful to see the progression of skills as the youngest members showed confidence beyond their years and the oldest impressive levels of technical and artistic ability.”

The production, celebrating the tenth anniversary of the Ruth Stein School of Dance, in Park Lane, Selsey, involved not just the children but their families with costumes, props and sceneries designed by willing volunteers.

Particularly popular was the now eagerly-anticipated appearance of Fathers in Support of Boys in Dance – an eclectic group of fathers who, this year, took on the role of pirates.

“Side by side, this production had swashbuckling action and tender storytelling, sparkling choreography and emotional depth,” said Elaine. “This was a complete delight from start to finish.”