DVD Review: Fast Girls (12), (91 mins), released on DVD on October 8.

At the end of an inspirational sporting summer, here’s something else to stir us and get us all out there – the thoroughly-engaging tale of two runners, one from the wrong, one from the right side of the tracks.

Inevitably they clash – and they clash pretty colourfully. But you know from the starting gun that they’re both going to end up heading in the same direction, and it’s a fun journey getting there.

Twenty-two year-old Shania (Lenora Crichlow) hails from a ghastly London council estate, but she possesses raw talent as a sprinter – if only she could find the right way to harness all the frustrations and difficulties she faces.

Amateur coach Brian (a great contribution from Phil Davis) helps her into the World Championship where she comes face to face with bitchy golden girl Lisa (Lily James) in a confrontation that could wreck both their careers before they’ve even started.

Adding to the infuriation for Shania is Lisa’s overbearing father (Rupert Graves), once a star sprinter himself and now a man on a mission to relive and enhance past glorious through his put-upon daughter – a plan which doesn’t involve Shania.

So yes, there is a reason for Lisa’s prissy off-handedness. She too is fighting against unwanted odds away from the running track.

Clearly Shania and Lisa’s best hope lies in putting aside their differences and focusing on the one thing that positively unites them – their running. Can they do it? Need you ask? This film has got predictable stamped all over it, but doesn’t remotely suffer for that.

Nothing lifts quite as surely as a tale of sporting triumph in the face of self-inflicted and genuine adversity – and this one is a mini cracker.

Phil Hewitt