DVD to be made of the new Festival of Chichester

Chichester Film & Video Makers are to produce a souvenir DVD of this year’s very first Festival of Chichester.

Club vice-president Jacquie Clarke is drawing up a plan of action which should result in a permanent record of the festival.

Jacquie Clarke

Jacquie Clarke

“It’s a very important event, and it comes at a critical time in Chichester,” says Jacquie, who lives in Eastergate.

“We have got the wall art just gone up, which has been quite amazing for Chichester; we have got the theatre undergoing restoration; and now we have got this wonderful new festival. I think it is really important that it should be documented.”

Jacquie would be aiming to cover a representative selection of events, with a view to producing a DVD of up to an hour or so in length.

“We would put it together in a nice artistic way,” says Jacquie, who envisages establishing shots of the Downs before zooming in on Chichester and the festival itself.

The DVD will look at aspects including how the new Festival of Chichester came about; what lessons were learned from the previous organisation and management of the now-defunct Chichester Festivities; what local people and visitors love about Chichester; and how the city and its surroundings inspire creativity and in what diverse forms.

The scope of the film will: show the character of the city past and present; highlight the staggering diversity of talent in the area; explore the city and the festival through the eyes of Chichester people; and provide a permanent record of the first Festival of Chichester 2013.

“All elements will come from live footage of interviews with key people and coverage of events.”

Jacquie has already drawn up a detailed list of people to speak to and events to cover.

The festival opens on June 15 and runs for a month, embracing more than 200 events across a huge range of disciplines and events, ranging from classical music to drama, from bands and acoustic performers to poetry and talks.

Tickets for festival events are available from www.festivalofchichester.co.uk or 01243 813595 or Cloisters Shop, Cathedral Cloisters, Chichester, PO19 1PX (open Monday-Saturday, 10am-5pm).