Chichester: how to publish at no cost...

Self-published author Roz Ryszka-Onions discusses the processes of using Kindle Direct Publishing and how you can do it at no cost in a special event at Chichester library on Thursday, May 21 at 7.30pm.

She will explain formating, cover design, uploading your ebook on to the Amazon screen and the royalty system. She will finish the talk by discussing her latest novel When Love Dies.

Roz, who used to live in West Ashling but now lives in Havant, insists publishing can be a cost-free business.

“With Kindle, you don’t have to pay anything. Some proof-readers leave a lot to be desired. I would recommend people get their works proof-read, but you could get friends or family to do it.”

Roz has progressed to paperbacks, and again she insists you don’t have to pay a thing. The best approach is to opt for a print-on-demand set-up.

Quality-control can still be built in: “Some self-published books can be awful, but you would hope the people around you will tell you!”

Roz’s latest book dips into the world of revenge porn.

“While seeing a couple of lewd web ads, I thought how distressing it must be for women (ex-girlfriends/wives) to find photos of themselves in compromising positions posted on the web, and so I wrote Laella Farrow’s story. Her story begins after she commits suicide because she just can’t cope with the negative press coming her way since ex-lover Valerie Radlan posted revenge porn photos of her from years back on all the social media sites.

“The story is told from her perspective and follows her passage from ghost to poltergeist as she unravels Val’s motives for his spiteful actions, their relationship, her reaction and ultimately shows the revenge she takes on him and the others involved. It’s a story of 
broken love and revenge from beyond the grave.”

Val is a media broker, Roz explains, trying to get compromising details about superstars: “He is a broken character. He comes across as a baddie, and he is! He and Laella had an affair in the 80s. She is married now, but he puts these pictures on the internet. She is an interior designer. She has got quite a profile. She has been in The Sunday Times because she has revamped some heritage homes, so she has standing... and all that goes when people see her in compromising situations.”

Tickets from the library.