RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Country walk: Verdley Wood, Bexleyhill

There was so much to see in this historic wood that I took three hours to walk the three miles (4.9kms) last week.


RICHARD WILLIAMSON: County bird life

As usual on my walk this week in Verdley Wood I kept my eyes not just on the ground for wild plants, tracks, etc but up into the branches of the trees and far beyond into the skies, both blue and clouded on the day I chose.

A public meeting was held at Pulborough Village Hall over concerns with oil drilling in the Weald. Photo by Phil Jackson

Anti-drilling meeting packs out Pulborough hall

Around 150 people turned out for a public meeting at Pulborough Village Hall on Sunday, April 30, to discuss concerns with oil drilling in the Weald.

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Markwells Wood Watch Valentine's Day event 2017. Photo by Emily Mott SUS-170215-121900001

Campaigners welcome withdrawal of Stoughton oil drilling plans

An oil company’s decision to withdraw heavily contested plans for exploratory drilling in Stoughton has been hailed as a ‘victory’ for Green campaigners and residents.

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Richard Williamson will hold a Facebook Live Q&A next Thursday.Picture by Kate Shemilt.C131153-3 SUS-151111-090106003

Your nature questions answered live by our expert

Our wildlife expert Richard Williamson will be on hand to answer your questions live in the first of a special weekly event next week


RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Country Walk: Up Marden to Piglegged Row

There are bluebells nearly all the way on this 4 miles (6.4kms) walk in the woods.


RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Wild orchid season opens

The wild orchid season has opened once again, drawing ever more enthusiasts out into the wild countryside to hunt for the 51 species in Britain, 26 (at least) of which are in Sussex.

Cooler spells are expected next week

WEATHER FORECAST: Cooler spells expected next week

Cooler spells are expected in Sussex next week but don’t worry the sunshine is not going anywhere just yet.

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RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Country walk: Ashford Hangers to Steep Church

I walked this 3.3 mile (5.5kms) route on 20 March and it is to commemorate the death 100 years ago on 9 April 1917 of Edward Thomas, the WW1 poet from Steep, Petersfield.


RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Good butterfly season anticipated

This week 2,000 volunteer butterfly recorders like myself start another season of work.This will be my 42nd year making weekly counts of butterflies at Kingley Vale national nature reserve.

Kia Trainor, director of CPRE Sussex, and her son Oliver

Does your school have the ‘E Factor’?

Countryside campaigners are worried schools and colleges will miss out on the chance to win a new environmental award.

Sarah Sharp chatting to a shopper about Earth Hour this Saturday

Lights off please for Earth Hour, Green councillor pleads

Green city councillor Sarah Sharp set up a dining table and chairs in Chichester’s busy Eastergate Square on Saturday to engage with people about Earth Hour.

The Arundel Wetland Centre grounds team rescues toads found scaling the perimeter fence. Picture: Paul Stevens

Toads scale fences to get to reedbeds

Spring is in the air at Arundel Wetland Centre and the ponds and ditches have become toad-aly romantic hotspots.

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A swarm of bees

What to do if you encounter a swarm of bees

Spring is coming, and with it comes an increase in the swams of bees taking up residence on trees and in roof spaces.

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Bird flu restrictions are in place across the country

Bird flu advice for West Sussex poultry owners

West Sussex poultry owners are being urged to check the latest restrictions to stop the spread of avian flu.


RICHARD WILLIAMSON: An interesting encounter

I was watching the sun setting its fiery furnace on the rim of the downs when somebody shouted at me from behind a bramble bush. It was only fifteen yards away.

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RICHARD WILLIAMSON: Country walk: Warblington Sea Shore

I often enjoy this stroll around the top of Emsworth channel.

Free-range eggs become ‘barn eggs’ following bird flu

Free-range eggs become ‘barn eggs’ following bird flu

A bird flu panic has seen free-range eggs temporarily lose their status after hens were brought indoors.

Craig Sandles strimming on one of the seven annual urban grass cutting rounds during a previous summer (photo submitted). SUS-150528-130923001

Highways team’s grass cutting season starts

West Sussex Highways will fire up the lawnmowers on Monday and cut the grass for the first time this year.

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